Atlanta Hawks Offseason Chaos

The Atlanta Hawks have been very noisy this offseason and although it’s too early to tell,  the future’s looking bright in the A. If you’ve been living under a rock or don’t pay much attention to the Hawks here is what you missed: Hawks Trade Kent Bazemore for Evan Turner: From a business standpoint Bazemore needed to go and it was clear that Atlanta was … Continue reading Atlanta Hawks Offseason Chaos

One on One with Tyler Desrosiers

Agawam, MA—- Agawam Alum Tyler Desrosiers has been on a journey that many kids today would dream of. Desrosiers who is just 23 years of age has played through three levels of basketball and has experienced a laundry list of achievements.  It all started in a small town of Agawam that holds a home to 30,000 people. “I was born and raised in Agawam” Desrosiers … Continue reading One on One with Tyler Desrosiers