What’s Wrong with Team U.S.A. Basketball?

For the first time in 13 years, Team U.S.A Basketball took a heart breaking loss. Last night Team U.S.A lost to the Australia Boomers by a score of 94-98, Patty Mills led both teams in scoring with 30 points, the leading scorer for the U.S. was Kemba Walker with an underwhelming 22 points. The narrative around this years FIBA World Cup team was that they … Continue reading What’s Wrong with Team U.S.A. Basketball?

Each NBA Contender’s Biggest Hole

After a Summer loaded with fireworks, the current NBA can be summed up with a single word; balance. After a decade of super-teams dominating at the top of the league, the term balance almost seems foreign, but here we are, with nearly a dozen teams having a legitimate shot at an NBA championship. However, no team is flawless, and each of the top contenders have … Continue reading Each NBA Contender’s Biggest Hole

OKC’s Surprising Offseason

Within all the crazy moves occurring in this years free agency, the OKC Thunder are one of the most intriguing teams to look at for the future. With that being said, the teams involved OKC made it fun to watch On July 6th, 2019 It was announced that Kawhi Leonard announced going to the Los Angeles Clippers. Leonard forced the Clippers to land Paul George, … Continue reading OKC’s Surprising Offseason

Two NBA Sleeper Teams for the 2019-20 Season

With the NBA offseason winding down, some clear championship favorites have emerged, and superstar talent is moving all around. However, every year there are teams under the radar that always perform way better than the expectations laid out for them. Sleepers always seem to come out of nowhere, but for now we will be looking at a pair of teams I think can surprise us … Continue reading Two NBA Sleeper Teams for the 2019-20 Season