Base-out Percentage: Baseball’s Great Hidden Stat

Baseball is arguably the most number-dependent sport. A batter is judged on his batting average (Hits divided by at-bats), and the highest batting average wins the batting title. A pitcher is deemed good or bad based almost exclusively on his ERA (Nine times earned runs allowed divided by innings pitched). There is no eye test in baseball; performance drives numbers and numbers drive our perception … Continue reading Base-out Percentage: Baseball’s Great Hidden Stat

Barry Bonds’ Hall-of-Fame Case

Barry Bonds very well may be the most controversial player in all of baseball, and arguably all of sports. His dominance in his “steroid-use” prime is the greatest span in sports history. Since his steroid use began in 1998, Bonds has 4 of the top 8 OPS seasons in the history of the game, including the top 2. His mixture of power and plate control is something that even surpassed the likes … Continue reading Barry Bonds’ Hall-of-Fame Case