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Russell Westbrook Is The Most Underappreciated Player In NBA History

When will Russell Westbrook ever get his credit ? The media is determined to make Westbrook the most hated player in NBA history

top-10 small forwards 2020-21

NBA Top-10 Small Forwards 2020-21

You can never start a new NBA season without ranking the top players at each position. As December 22 looms closer, we take a deep look at each position and rank the top-10. Let’s continue with the small forwards.

Gordon Hayward gets 4yr/$120m From Charlotte

Did anyone see the Charlotte Hornets coming? Signing Gordon Hayward to a 4yr/$120m is something that Hayward’s camp has been looking forward to for awhile now. Boston didn’t get it done, and they couldn’t seem to get a deal done with Indiana. Charlotte for the win!