2020 NBA Trade Deadline: Andre Iguodala Traded to the Miami Heat

Finally, Iggy has been traded. The Saga ends, and he ends up in Miami. Here is how the trade played out:

Miami Gets
Memphis Gets
Minnesota Gets
Andre Igoudala
Jae Crowder
Solomon Hill
Justice Winslow
Dion Waiters
Gorgius Gjieng
James Johnson

Here is how this deal impacted each team

The Miami Heat

Pat Riley does it again. Somehow, a what seemed like an impossible trade was completed. At face value, Iggy may seem to be the most influential player in this deal, and that is just plain wrong. The fact that the heat were able to add Jae Crowder in this deal speaks volumes on the talent of their front office. Crowder is one of the better 3 and D guys in the league, and though he is shooting a career worst from 3 this year, he still has been a valuable contributor off the Grizzlies bench. At times we even saw Crowder taking crunch time shots for the Grizz. The Heat got back one elite helpful piece in this deal, and it is Jae Crowder.

Switching gears to Igoudala; it isn’t the fact that Iggy doesn’t bring some value to the Heat, it is the fact that the sentiment around the league is that Iggy is going to help the Heat so much that they are elevated into the upper echelon of the eastern Conference, and that simply is not the case. The last time we saw Andre Iguodala play basketball was in the 2019 NBA Finals, roughly 8 months ago. We have no clue what Iggy we will get the last few months of the season. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Iggys 2nd year of the extension he signed gets voided his off-season, due to it being non-guaranteed. Iguodala at his best is a solid 10 PPG scorer and an above average defender, so was that really worth Dion Waiters and Justice Winslow?

Solomon Hill will be the 11th or 12th man off of the bench for Miami, he simply was just in the deal to make salaries meet.

The Memphis Grizzlies

There is something brewing in Memphis, NBA fans watch out. Over the last calendar year, the best front office in the NBA has been the Memphis Grizzlies. Move after move, NBA fans questioned their sanity and decision making, and once again they proved us all wrong. The Memphis Grizzlies somehow turned Andre Iguodala into one of the more promising forwards in the NBA, Justice Winslow. Though Winslow has only dressed for 11 games this season, his progression for his career should not be ignored.

Justice has improved his game every season he has been in the league. He went from an athletic wing defender, and transformed his game into a play making-shooting forward. Winslow has shot above 38% from 3 each of the last 3 season, and even had a 10 game stretch where he shot 43% from 3 last season. If he continues to grow in Memphis, they will have found their missing piece for thier young core.

Dion Waiters isn’t a slouch either. Though Dion has had issues with suspensions in the past, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt now. In games where Dion Waiters plays 15 or more minutes, he averages 14.5 PPG on 44% shooting, what team wouldn’t want that. Essentually, he is a chubby J.R. Smith, and the type of guy you want on your team when fighting for the 8 seed. Memphis got a great haul for two average players.


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Why Carmelo Anthony Should Consider Playing in the Big 3

With this years Big 3 Season coming to a close, we are seeing some stars of the league getting serious considerations for NBA rosters. Players such as Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudemire, and Brandon Rush have gotten work outs with NBA teams. Meanwhile, former All-Star Carmelo Anthony has still only received one work out and no legitimate consideration to make a 15 man roster for this years upcoming NBA season. But why is it that players who have just about fazed out of the league a few years ago are getting work outs, where as Carmelo is still the odd man out?

The short answer is game film. Though Melo did play in the 2018-2019 NBA season, he only appeared in 10 games for the Houston Rockets. The last we saw of Carmelo Anthony in a competitive setting was all the way back in November. Not only was Carmelo last seen almost a year ago, his stint with the Rockets was underwhelming. Though the last 3 games of his stint he averaged around 21 PPG, he shot just above 40% and was one of the biggest defensive liabilities in the NBA. Essentially, Melo he was below average. With players who appeared in the Big 3 who are “NBA Ready” dominated. The last we saw of Joe Johnson he was dropping 25 PPG and knocking down contested step-back 4 point jump shots in the Big 3. If Melo went and played for the Big 3 next season (considering he does not get picked up this season)he would acquire better game film of himself, instead of the lack luster clips of the last two seasons.

Not only would Carmelo’s stock increase, it would actually help him stay “relevant”. Don’t get me wrong, Anthony is one of the more popular players in NBA history but if he doesn’t get signed prior to the start of the season; the whole “sign Carmelo” movement may die down. If Melo goes out and does Melo like things, that movement could just as easily gain traction again, if not more traction than it has currently. We see how fans are begging to get behind Joe Johnson to gain a contract. Imagine if a player of Carmelo Anthony’s stature did the same thing and how much popularity would come from that.

One of the other main reasons Carmelo needs to consider joining the Big 3 is it will keep him in game shape. Though Carmelo has been doing his own work outs, there is no way he can simulate actual game time speed. Even in Pro-Runs the speed is a lot slower than an NBA game. The closest thing to the speed of an NBA game is the Big 3. It is actually more physical and demanding than an NBA game according to the players in the Big 3. This will allow Carmelo to not have as much as a learning curve if he does get signed to an NBA roster.

If Carmelo is serious about reviving his NBA career, he needs to consider playing in the Big 3. There is no negative to doing so. If he does make this shift, not only would it help the Big 3, but he may start a trend of players who are on the back end of their careers going to the Big 3 to revive it.