Meet The Founder

I came up with the idea of creating NoLimitJumper because of my love and passion for basketball. I never realized how much the game actually meant to me once I stopped playing competitively.

My goal with this site is to spread awareness to the youth across the world to educate them on the hardships and obstacles that come along with playing sports. Sports are much more than just showing up and getting paid; it will wear on you physically and mentally as well as test you more off the court/field than on.

Aside from the ‘bigger picture” concept, I hope you enjoy a different spin on the NBA as it is my mission to create more in depth conversations surrounding the game that never disappointed me growing up. The NBA is much more than just arguments and rumors.

If you enjoy the NBA 2k series like I do, My team and I analyze every nook and cranny of the game and will be displaying clips, stats, and thoughts on the game as well as introduce you to my Pro Am Team.

For you Football fans, We just created an NFL platform as you will get to read the most interesting and in depth pieces surrounding the NFL.

To ensure that you will never get bored I’ve implemented a podcast, putting a voice to the writing to make you all get a better understanding of what NoLimitJumper is all about. Where we bring in real voices from the sports world to give listeners and readers a better understanding of what NoLimitJumper’s mission is.

If you love sports , then you will love this site!

Kindest Regards,

James ‘JMan’ Macey