Base-out Percentage: Baseball’s Great Hidden Stat

Baseball is arguably the most number-dependent sport. A batter is judged on his batting average (Hits divided by at-bats), and the highest batting average wins the batting title. A pitcher is deemed good or bad based almost exclusively on his ERA (Nine times earned runs allowed divided by innings pitched). There is no eye test in baseball; performance drives numbers and numbers drive our perception … Continue reading Base-out Percentage: Baseball’s Great Hidden Stat


2021 NFL Wildcard Predictions

The NFL regular season has finished, despite dozens of COVID cases and postponements. Regardless, the league has proceeded with its expanded playoff format, with fourteen teams compete for the Lombardi Trophy instead of the typical twelve. As such, an additional two games will be played on Wildcard Weekend, one from each conference. These are my predictions for the six wildcard games this weekend. Colts at … Continue reading 2021 NFL Wildcard Predictions

One on One with Tyler Desrosiers

Agawam, MA—- Agawam Alum Tyler Desrosiers has been on a journey that many kids today would dream of. Desrosiers who is just 23 years of age has played through three levels of basketball and has experienced a laundry list of achievements.  It all started in a small town of Agawam that holds a home to 30,000 people. “I was born and raised in Agawam” Desrosiers … Continue reading One on One with Tyler Desrosiers