Sebastian Telfair’s Career Spiraled Down Fast

Sebastian Telfair, once a 5 Star Recruit and a Louisville Commit. He was born in Brooklyn, New York where he was ranked 2nd in point guards in the nation, along with being 6th overall. He was a great talent but it didn’t replicate in the league, why? His road to the league was straight from High School, passing up on Louisville and was drafted 13th … Continue reading Sebastian Telfair’s Career Spiraled Down Fast

OKC’s Surprising Offseason

Within all the crazy moves occurring in this years free agency, the OKC Thunder are one of the most intriguing teams to look at for the future. With that being said, the teams involved OKC made it fun to watch On July 6th, 2019 It was announced that Kawhi Leonard announced going to the Los Angeles Clippers. Leonard forced the Clippers to land Paul George, … Continue reading OKC’s Surprising Offseason