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JMan is known for 2K. Regardless if it’s MyTeam, MyPlayer, or just a regular game, NoLimitJumper has got answers to your 2K questions!

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NBA 2k21

NBA 2k21 What’s New and Demo Review

NBA 2k21 Is set to release on Sep 6th, with the Demo just being released this past week. 2k on the surface is looking no different from 2k20

Top Five Teams To Use In 2k

Matchups are the biggest part to 2k and if anyone ever told you otherwise they are lying. Using the right team to boost your reputation is key. Whether you choose three randoms, set rules, or just pick straight up teams here are the top five teams to use in 2k.

Four Reasons Why Zion Williamson Should Not Be On The Cover of 2k

There’s been mixed emotions after 2k released the cover athletes for the new game. Zion being the center piece for the next gen console isn’t going over well with the 2k community


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