Everything You Need To Know About NBA 2k24

NBA 2k24 is set to release September 8th, 2023 and a lot of people are getting tired of seeing the same thing year after year. Luckily, 2k is making small steps to changing that perception of gamers.

Cross Play

2k should’ve implemented cross play years ago, but the gaming franchise saw no reason to since they are a monopoly in the industry. 

Being able to play with players from all consoles opens up more opportunities and creates more competition. It eliminates the “what console is better” argument as well. When you open up the 2k community by conjoining all platforms into one good things will happen……or it could crumble.

Money Grabs

Remember when you could drop money on your player and basically finish within a week or two? Well, 2k is implemented a tier of passes:

  • Free Pass – The free experience will continue to be open to all players, offering the same quality experience they’ve come to expect from NBA 2K Seasons with the now added benefit of unified progression. Players will have the chance to earn up to 80 Level rewards as they play to unlock all 40 Level rewards for both MyCAREER and MyTEAM modes.
  • Pro Pass ($9.99) – Offers the ability to earn 40 additional Premium Level rewards, along with additional VC and MTP rewards that can be earned throughout the season. With Pro Pass, players will unlock a Premium Level reward for each level achieved. Players will also immediately acquire four Season Pass rewards after purchasing the pass. For $9.99, players can upgrade from a Pro Pass to a Hall of Fame Pass with a Pass Upgrade at any point in the Season.
  • Hall of Fame Pass ($19.99) – includes everything in the Pro Pass and more. The Hall of Fame Pass also features one additional Season Pass reward, for a total of five Season Pass rewards, a 15% XP Booster for the entire season, 10 Level Skips immediately applied to the Season reward track and more.
NBA 2k24 Mamba Edition

Game Play

There’s a lot  to unpack about how the gameplay has changed from a year ago. 

RB/LB are gone!

Thank goodness! Using RB/LB to make those easy outlet passes is now gone. Using a little IQ to make those passes will become more relevant overtime. This change is creating a more even playing field between gamers and will eliminate some chessieness.

Position Minimum Heights: 

  • PG: 5’7
  • SG: 6’0
  • SF: 6’7
  • PF: 6’6
  • C: 6’7 

Position Max Heights:

  • PG: 6’8
  • SG: 6’9
  • SF: 6’11
  • PF: 7’0
  • C: 7’3

Shot Release/Timing

Every shot that is not 100% smothered is greenable. The green window is determined by a variety of factors; Defense, ratings, and badges being the primary driver. 2k has ensured that contested shots are ‘Very Hard’ to knock down. 

Paint Defense

as reported to the 2k community the paint defense was reported so much that it is receiving a buff in 2k24 creating a more balanced flow in the game … .hopefully right.

Advanced Shot Types

Spin Jumpers, Step backs focused in the midrange received a buff this year and layups centered around Euros, Spins, Quick Scoops, reverses, and floaters also received a buff. Overall, 2k is encouraging players to mix up their arsenal and you will be rewarded. 

Fades from midrange and three received a dramatic buff as players were abusing this feature in 2k23. 

Drawing Fouls

drawing a foul seemed to be a lost art in 23, but this year is a bit different. If you fake and make the defender bite you will draw a foul and get an And-1 a lot more. Also, if the shot blocker jumps wildly for no reason they will fall on the ball handler resulting in a foul. 

New Badges

  • Float Game – A player’s ability to make floaters and runners while attacking the basket is improved with Float Game.
  • Scooper – Quick scoop layup shot chances are improved with the new Scooper badge.
  • Bunny – Hop step layups and dunks receive an increased shot chance with Bunny.
  • Spin Cycle – Drives finished with a spin layup or dunk will receive an increased shot chance ability thanks to Spin Cycle.
  • Two Step – Cradle and Euro step layups and dunks receive a shot boost with Two Step.
  • Precision Dunker – Those who utilize the skill dunk mechanic will receive an improved chance of flushing their dunk attempt with Precision Dunker.
  • Hook Specialist – No love lost for post-play aficionados. Brought back from the dead, Hook Specialist increases a player’s ability to make hook shots out of the post.
  • Post-Fade Phenom – Similar to Hook Specialist, Post-Fade Phenom will allow a player to make post-fades and hop shots out of the post at a higher clip.
  • Open Looks – As a way to encourage sudden opportunities, Open Looks will enhance a player’s ability to make wide-open jumpers.
  • Spot Finder – By utilizing the “Get Open” mechanic (R2 or Right Trigger Tap), Spot Finder allows players to receive a speed boost off-the-ball to get to an open space, with a raised chance of knocking down the shot off the ensuing catch.
  • Whistle – Creating contact and getting to the free throw line when attacking the rim or shooting a jump shot is improved with the new Whistle badge.
  • Free Points – In clutch moments, knocking down free throws with the game on the line is improved with Free Points.
  • Bulldozer – A mix of a scoring and a ball-handling badge, think of this as Bully version 2.0 with elements of the old Clamp Breaker. Bulldozer improves the player’s ability to push through physical body-ups and finish with physicality around the rim.
  • Relay Passer – A hockey assist badge, Relay Passer provides a boost to shooters in a pass-to-assist situation.
  • Touch Passer – Players who quickly move the ball upon receiving it will get faster pass animations with Touch Passer.
  • Big Driver – Face-up bigs driving to the basket from within the mid-range area will receive an initial launch boost with Big Driver.
  • Blow-By – Quicker ball-handlers receive boosts in body-up interactions with defenders when Blow-By is equipped.
  • Physical Handles – During physical body-up interactions, players with Physical Handles have a higher chance of winning the outcome following a dribble move.
  • Speed Booster – A perimeter-only quick first step badge, Speed Booster will allow for quicker launches when coming from a stand-still dribble situation.
  • Triple Strike – Players excel with triple threat launches and jukes at a higher rate with Triple Strike.
  • Fast Feet – It wouldn’t be a fair game if only offensive players received speed boosts. Fast Feet can be looked at as a “quick first step” badge for defenders, allowing defensive specialists to stay in front of shifty ball-handlers.
  • Right Stick Ripper – Those who utilize the right-stick steal mechanic will receive a boost on steal attempts with Right Stick Ripper.
  • Immovable Enforcer – A direct counter to Bulldozer, Immovable Enforcer allows defenders to win physical matchups when it comes to body-ups and contact layups.
  • 94 Feet – Players with 94 Feet receive fewer body-up stamina hits and improved body-up wins when pressing full court. Don’t worry, those who do not have this badge will regret pressing full court.

Badges Removed: 

Limitless Takeoff, Bully, Clamp Breaker, Menace, Mismatch Expert, Quick First Step, Vice Grip, Amped, Clutch Shooter, Floor General, Volume Shooter.

I will be providing more info as we get closer to the release date, but look out for these major changes heading into the new 2k year !



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