Chet Holmgren’s New Reality

Chet Holmgren has been getting off to a great start in his first two NBA Summer League games. He’s averaging 17 ppg, 9.5 rpg, 3.5 apg, and 4 bpg. More importantly he’s shooting 41% from three and his ability to stretch the floor is what’s making him feel right at home.

Standing at over seven feet and under 200 pounds (7’1 195lbs), there’s a lot of concern moving forward and respectfully so. Holmgren needs to be able to adapt to the NBA game in all facets. Having that weight and height combination is a huge red flag especially going up against some of the top bigs in the league it won’t look pretty. 

Just last night we saw Kenny Lofton Jr. (6’7, 275lbs) body Holmgren on multiple possessions down the stretch and failed to guard the perimeter at times. Even if they put him at the four, Holmgren can experience challenges along the way. His Skinny frame and lanky build aren’t great for the NBA being at his position. 

Being the #2 pick in the draft is huge and deserves to be recognized, but it also comes with a lot of expectations and plants a huge target on one’s back. Summer League is a time to display talent, and develop, but Holmgren needs to get into the weight room and start focusing on that NBA ready body. 

As the summer league shifts to Vegas in a few days the process will be in full swing to really get a good sample size of what Holmgren is all about. A great shot blocker, above average rebounder, and a solid shooter; Holmgren looks promising as of now. A few tweaks here and there will be on his way to a great career. 




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