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Divisional Round Playoffs Predictions

Where I was Right

The Bills overwhelmed the Patriots and had the first perfect game in NFL history, playoffs or regular season. The Chiefs were able to make the game against the Steelers seem as if it was a bye. The Bucs also proved too much for the Eagles as Hurts and the Eagles offense seemed as if they were stuck in place. Lastly the Rams stomped over the Cardinals as their defense dominated and their offense looked like a juggernaut.

Where I was Wrong

While I knew the game would be close, I did not predict the Bengals defensive front to dominate and take the game over. The Cowboys were stalled and couldn’t get anything going against weak Niners secondary I Thought they would dominate. The Niners pass rush also seemed to dominate a very good Cowboy offensive line.

Titans Vs Bengals

This game is the game I am least confident about, but I think if King Henry can be back to original form and play the way he played before he was hurt, I think he can run the Titans to the next round of the playoffs. I also think the very improved Titan’s defense can at least make Joe Brrr and the Bengals Offense uncomfortable with 3 guys with 8+ sacks. Titans 24-20

Bills Vs Chiefs

I see this being a relatively close game but also a shootout.  While the Chiefs Defense has been great, I don’t see them stopping the Bills offense at all. Despite this, I can’t see the bills stopping the chiefs at all and when it comes down to it, I think the Chiefs have the better weapons, better QB, better head coach. Chiefs 33-28

Packers vs Niners

As a Packer fan this is the one, I least wanted to cover as I am nervous about jinxing my team. While the Niners are a very Physical team I think the Packers are a much more Physical team than the last time the two met in the playoffs. I also think we see a return of the Packers Defense of the first Half of the year. They will also contain Deebo causing Jimmy to struggle. In addition to this I think the Green Bay offensive line can contain Nick Bosa and advance in the playoffs. Packers 27-20

Bucs vs Rams

I think the Andrew Whitworth injury is the deciding factor, with him out I think the Rams will have a hard time keeping Stafford upright. In addition they could have a hard time putting up points. While I think their Defense will be able to shut the Bucs down for the most part, I still expect Tom Brady to out dual Stafford. I expect a low scoring affair. In a close game situation it is hard to go against the Goat in that situation especially in the playoffs. Bucs 20-17



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