Myles Turner fits Perfectly with the Charlotte Hornets

Myles Turner fits perfectly with the Charlotte Hornets for a number of reasons. A young core mixed with some streaky vets could really benefit Turner and give him the playing time he’s looking for.

Charlotte’s biggest hole is at the center position. Needless to say Plumlee has managed to pick up some slack at that position along with PJ Washington but the Hornets need more of a tighter defensive presence and Turner fills that void. 

Adding Turner can alleviate the pain of consistently having to result in a small ball lineup. Running into teams like Philly, Miluawkee, and Atlanta who have that traditional big lineup posed challenges down low for Charlotte. If Turner is added, they become more competitive and their versatility and depth increase as a result. 

Being able to allow Pumlee to come off the bench, and PJ Washington play more of a forward position makes things a lot more comfortable for everybody. 

Being of the best defensive bigs in the league (2.9 bpg) and the ability to space the floor, Turner is shooting 35% from three this season (51% overall fg%). He’s capable of carrying the load offensively and getting after on the glass as he’s had a total of 72 double-doubles in his career (nine this season). 

Charlotte brings something that the Lakers, Knicks, and Mavericks don’t. That’s playing time. Earlier this season Turner stated “It’s clear I’m nothing more than a glorified role player. I want something more. More Opportunity”. What better place for opportunity than Charlotte? A place where there’s no consistent big. He can easily see 30+ minutes a game. 

The Lakers

have depth at the position in Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan. It’s possible that he would be able to fit into their ‘small ball’ lineup but as far as opportunity goes he won’t get that in LA.

The Knicks

have an influx of bigs on the roster and expressing interest in Turner is throwing a lot of us for a loop. New York is in a position where they don’t know what they want at this stage. They have no point guard, lack a true identity, and have six forwards/bigs to choose from. Adding Turner would only cause more chaos.

The Mavericks

It could make sense but Dwight Powell has been their consistent big for a number of years and Moses Brown is a rising talent. Dealing one of those guys would have to be the theme but ultimately playing alongside Porzingis might interfere with his play.

A trade package that could work to acquire Turner: 

Pacers Receive: Mason Plumlee, Ish Smith

Charlotte Receive: Myles Turner

At face value this trade looks terrible, but throw in a couple first round picks and cash consideration I wouldn’t be surprised if Indiana goes through with a deal like this. With Indiana clearing house similar to how Orlando did a season ago I think that anything is possible here.




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