Remembering The Greatest NBA Regular Season Performances

Remembering NBA Greatest performances As 2021 comes to an end some performances might’ve flown over our heads. Those “wow” moments are what make the NBA one of the greatest leagues in the world. Let’s take a moment to remember some of the greatest performances in 2021.

Bradley Beal scores 60 in a loss to Philly (1/6/21):

For the record, Beal has cemented his legacy as a great scorer but six days into 2021 he posted his first career 60-point game on 57% shooting (20/35). Between the second and third quarter, Beal put up 44 points and he couldn’t miss. 

Ultimately, the Wizards came up short as Beal was held to 3 points in the fourth and Philly came out with the win 141-136

For a guy who’s been loyal to Washington his whole career, it was amazing to watch him go out on an offensive explosion.


Steph Curry with 62 Points against the Blazers (1/3/21):

Curry is the greatest shooter of all time and he continues to pile up the milestones in his career as he became the only player besides Kobe Bryant to score 30 points in each half. 

It was one of those games where you just hoped to contain Curry. He’s so shifty, and the fact that he’s always moving without the basketball makes it even more difficult. Can’t even imagine how many screens were set during this game


Jayson Tatum 60 Piece vs Spurs (4/30/21):

This game was a sure statement game for Tatum as there was a lot of criticism regarding his demeanor, and style of play. Not only did he play well during that stretch he shot 71% from three (5/7) on 54% overall (20/37). 

On the contrary, the Celtics outscored the Spurs 88-51 in the second half rallying back from a 29 point deficit to win in OT 143-140. It was Tatum who had 21 fourth-quarter points to bring them into OT, soon translating to 10 of Boston’s 15 in the Overtime to secure the dub. 

Be on the lookout for the best playoff performances in 2021 as we are Remembering NBA Greatest performances until the new year!





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