Can The Packers Finally Breakthrough The NFC

The Packers similar to the early 90’s Bills have come short of winning the super bowl a lot of times only difference is the Bills went to four straight Super Bowls and lost and the Packers have been to 4 out of the last 7 NFC Championships. It seems to be a yearly tradition of everyone seeing the Packers as the favorites and they fall short usually with a singular play that everyone remembers costing them the game. Whether it is the Brandon Bostick debacle or the Kevin King blunder at halftime.

I think this year can be different however, in past seasons we saw Packer teams that either had not proven anything in the regular season or that had very obvious flaws. For example, when the Packers lost the Niners they were simply not physical enough, or last year they lacked attention to detail which reared its head in the NFC Championship. This year I don’t see any major flaws that could prevent them from finally winning it all.

Why It Can Be Different

While the issue of the Packers special team’s coverage could certainly be a problem, I don’t think it is a major one. I think the coaching staff is very good and once the team gets back healthy the guys who have had to step up on defense and offense will be able to go back to special teams which will hopefully lead to a major improvement.


The health factor then leads me to my next point, health.  The Packers have been without their top 2 defensive players all year and their all-pro left tackle. Despite this, the defense ranks 8th in total defense and 10th in scoring defense. Adding these 2 guys can only improve that.  In addition to this with their injuries, guys like Rashan Gary and Rasul Douglas have flashed and have had Pro Bowl-worthy seasons. On the offensive side with Bakhtiari out the Packers have had more than solid production out of Yosh Nijman, who looks like he could be someone who starts opposite of Bakhtiari for years to come or even be a 6th man so to speak when the Packers are banged up.

Change of Image

The Packers now have 2 dynamic backs with the emergence of Aj Dillon to go along with already star running back Aaron Jones. Joe berry who struggled earlier in the year seemed to figure out the recipe for this defense to succeed. As a result, this team has become a much more physical team and looks to be a team that could actually finish the job. In addition to this gained physicality with Rodgers and Adams still being Rodgers and Adams, the Packers can also win in a number of different ways as they showed throughout this season with impressive wins over the Rams, Cardinals and Niners.

While the Packers’ recent history may not show us, they are capable of winning it all I think this may be the year that finally changes. With a more physical and well-rounded team that plays with a chip on their shoulder in addition to the other NFC teams developing significant chinks in their armor, for the first time in over a decade I believe the Packers can and will win the Super bowl.



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