Top 10 Quarterbacks Heading Into 2021-2022

With all of the talent in the NFL, it feels like almost every team has an at least viable quarterback. with more talent than ever at the position, the NFL has never been more fun to watch than ever. It is what makes quarterback rankings like this so hard as there are so many quarterbacks who feel left off. Despite feeling like this, these are the top 10 quarterbacks of the 2021-2022 season.

No.10 Ryan Tannehill

Often overlooked in Tennessee because of King Henry, Tannehill has quietly been one of the league’s top quarterbacks.  Last year he lead the league in comebacks with 6. He finished 4th in QBR, tied for 7th in passing touchdowns, and tied for 4th among starting quarterbacks in rushing touchdowns. The only thing preventing him from being higher in the quarterback rankings. is because while he is all around, he isn’t special at any one thing like the guys above him. I do expect him, however, to be a top 10 quarterback of 2021-2022.

No.9 Dak Prescott

Despite missing the majority of last season, he led the league in 400-yard games. In addition to this, he was on pace to break the single-season yards record. The Cowboys’ offensive line is getting old, the defense isn’t great, and Zeke hasn’t been himself. Not to mention the disfunction of the coaching staff and ownership. Despite all of this Dak Prescott has continually performed at an elite level. The only question I have for him is how his athleticism will be after the injury. I have expectations for The Cowboys not because of the team but because I believe in Dak as a top 10 quarterback. He has all the intangibles you want in your Franchise player.

No. 8 Kyler Murray

Kyler being ranked so low speaks to the current talent in the NFL and the abundance of it. Kyler might have passed Russell Wilson as the most Truly dual Threat quarterback in the NFL. Kyler is succeeding despite the Cardinals currently. He doesn’t have a run game, offensive line, a defense, and frankly a good head coach. He is asked every week to make all the plays on offense. He is the run game and outside of D-Hop, his next best weapon is a C at best.

No. 7 Deshaun Watson

If you think Kyler’s situation is bad, it is the ’07 Patriots compared to Watson’s. The Texans are among the worst at every position in the NFL. In addition to this, they had the worst head coach in football and haven’t improved there much. The Texans suck is putting their situation kindly. As football fans, we should all Pray Watson is traded. Despite this situation, he was still top 5 in QBR showing the talent that is being wasted. To believe he was a blown lead away from the Super Bowl two years back with this team is nothing short of a miracle.

No. 6 Russell Wilson

Twelves please don’t riot let me explain. I love Russell Wilson a lot. Like a lot, more than most actually. However, I can’t ignore his drop-in play in the second half of seasons. There is a reason he hasn’t received a single MVP vote in his career, and it isn’t because the voters don’t like him.  He starts to fall apart after the week 8 mark for whatever reason. Now I understand what his defenders will say. ‘’The defense isn’t great and the Oline isn’t great.’’ To that, I say in the second half of last season the defense picked it up greatly with Jamal Adams. And he has very good weapons. Wilson hasn’t had a great playoff run or second half of the season in a while.

No. 5 Tom Brady

I know some of you will say ‘’he just won the Super Bowl he carried the Bucs.’’ I would say that he didn’t carry them in fact it was probably the other way around. He threw 3 picks against the packers and probably should have lost. That team is special in every unit.  I will say Brady’s value isn’t the physical things but the mental. The reason I kept him in my top five is that although he isn’t what he once was in terms of arm talent, he more than makes up for it upstairs. He provides leadership and a winning culture. I am not sure what exactly he did, but he turned that culture around and made the Bucs winners.

No.4 Lamar Jackson

I can already see what people will say. ‘’But he’s a running back he can’t be this high.’’ I get Lamar doesn’t have a better arm than anyone on this list but let’s not kid ourselves. He is the greatest athlete to play quarterback ever. Not only is he a top ten runner with the ball but his quarterback rating is 99.3 and his on-target throw percentage is 75.3%. For comparison, Mahomes is 76.9%. he is a much better passer than people realize. Although his numbers have dropped from his MVP season to last, he has become a more improved passer every year. I expect this trend to continue, and for him to move up in the quarterback rankings.

No. 3 Josh Allen

I went back and forth between him and Lamar for a while. I decided to go with the guy who has Stefon Diggs and can throw a ball 90 yards. Josh Allen prior to the past season had never in his life completed 60% of his passes. Last year he completed almost 70%. He hadn’t completed 60% even in high school at the JV level.  While this does speak to Brian Daboll and that offense, it also speaks to Allen’s work ethic. In addition to his improved accuracy and his arm strength, he is a top 3 runner of the football at the quarterback spot. With his work ethic and where his game already is I wouldn’t be surprised if he and the Bills are hoisting the Lombardi at the end of the season because of him.

No. 2 Aaron Rodgers

At this point in the list, there isn’t much to even be said.  Rodgers has been one of if not the best quarterbacks for the past decade. He doesn’t turn the ball over and throws a lot of touchdowns. You can’t really ask for more than that. He isn’t the athlete he once was, but he still can scramble enough to make a play. Not to mention his all-time arm. With Aaron Jones resigned and a healthy Bakhtiari, I expect Rodgers to have similar production to last year’s MVP season.

No.1 Patrick Mahomes

This is a surprise to a total of zero people. Patrick Mahomes might be the most talented quarterback we have ever seen. Last year in the Super Bowl he suffered severely having lost both tackles. With a completely retooled offensive line, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and that coaching staff I expect him to be right back in the Super Bowl and Holding the Lombardi for the second time.



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