IF NBA 2k22 Is Bad The Community Is Officially Done

Here we are again trying to get excited about another year 2k. NBA 2k22 releases September 10th some news has already dropped about the game. Needless to say a lot of us in the community aren’t happy.

Rap Career? 

Giving players the option to fulfill their dream of a rap career is the last thing we wanted as a 2k community. Ultimately we understand that mostly every NBA player wants to be a rapper but why put this into a game where focusing on basketball should be the main focus of the game. It’s clear that other voices (who make a lot of money) are heard more than the people who religiously play the game. Not a good look thus far.


According to Mike Wang he explains that the gameplay will be more advanced in terms of skill based. If you aren’t familiar with this term it will allow more experienced players to feel like the game is more balanced. With NBA 2k21 being a game for the people, it took the competitiveness away and created a toxic community once again. 

Diving further into his analysis of gameplay the moves will be more stick sensitive. Meaning you have to time moves and anticipate attacking to the rim. On the defensive they are introducing a new close out system that is in term more ‘skill based’. If you’ve played 2k long enough you will know that this all sounds great but will always end up the opposite of what they say. Hopefully this gameplay advancement is promising. 


“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it NBA 2k22.”

As we know Career is always a grind and mostly everyone barely touches the game mode unless we are trying to get badges or trying to level up. Expect more ways to stay in tune with my career as they have more rewards, challenges, etc. 

On another note they are changing the way we level up our characters…..again. In my opinion if it ain’t broke don’t fix it NBA 2k22.

Brand New City

Raise your hand if you think the city in 2k21 is way too big and is confusing to look at — ✋!! The community wanted more things to do in the neighborhood and for the affiliations to return but instead we have a huge city with a bunch of side quests that many don’t understand. 

This year the City is brand new with more matchmaking options, side quests, and more. I don’t know how I feel about this, but we will roll with it.

Why The 2k Community is Upset

To be honest the 2k community has been upset for years now and being let down year after year people are about ready to completely stop playing 2k altogether. A game that says they listen to the people, but In the end never follows through.

We asked to bring affiliations back, they gave us a huge neighborhood with little to no focus on affiliations. The park is just like the neighborhood with side quests. We want the affiliations back (Old Town, Rough Riders, Sunset) and compete to see who is the best park. That not only brought the community together but people enjoyed playing the game 

The amount of times the servers had issues, matchmaking was terrible, and problems went unsolved shows us that 2k doesn’t care. Why would they ? They are a monopoly and have zero competition right now. I don’t see much changing in NBA 2k22.

Every year there is something wrong with the gameplay whether it’s overpowered builds, 2k cheese, and unrealistic offensive moves. Not to mention the major issue with defense in the past. There’s too many problems to count with 2k in general. The community realizes that 2k has more than enough money to put more effort into areas that matter, but would rather create a rap career, pay no mind to pro am or rec, and continue to not listen to the fans. 

If NBA 2k22 is bad, the community is officially done with 2k!




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