Every AL Team’s Need at the Trade Deadline

The trade deadline is approaching, and it is time for teams to either elevate their seasons or tank them. Each team needs different things, so let’s look at one thing for each team at the deadline. 

Baltimore Orioles – Young Infielder Prospects 

Like Arizona, the Orioles are also in a rebuilding phase. However, they have already begun the developmental process of their young outfield. Although their pitching staff does need work, their infield is getting old, and the younger guys aren’t performing so well.  

Possible Fits: Xavier Edwards (TB), Miguel Vargas (LAD), or Jordan Groshans (TOR), just to name a few. 

Boston Red Sox – Starting Pitching 

Despite a bullpen that has been great in 2021, the Sox starters haven’t been elite. Nathan Eovaldi and Nick Pivetta have done a decent job atop the rotation. However, the other starters in the rotation have not seen the same success. If the Red Sox are looking to make a deep playoff run, they are going to need more than two above average pitchers.  

Possible Fits: Drew Smyly (ATL), German Marquez (COL), Max Scherzer (WAS) or Jose Berrios (MIN) 

Chicago White Sox – Bullpen Arms 

With elite hitting and good starting pitching, Chicago seems destined to make a solid run. However, if they want to go deep with a lack of experience, they will have to rely on their bullpen. With that being said, the pen’s current state is not good enough to put them over the hump. They could deal out some lower-level prospects, as their big young guys are already in the show. 

Possible Fits: Scott Barlow (KCR), Paolo Espino (WAS), Jonathan Loaisiga (NYY), many more 

Cleavland Indians – Hitters 

I’ll keep this one simple, the Indians trade deadline needs to consist of batters. They need more than three or four batters in a lineup they can count on. Pitching may lead them to a playoff, but as the Reds showed last year, you need to score runs. 

Possible Fits: Trevor Story (COL), C.J. Cron (COL), Adam Frazier (PIT), Yan Gomes (WAS) 

Detroit Tigers – Young Infielders 

Other than Spencer Torkelson, the Tigers farm system doesn’t have many young infielders. Without being in contention, the Tigers need to maybe move Robbie Grossman and pick up some young infielders to help replenish their farm system. 

Possible Fits: Nolan Gorman (STL), Oswald Peraza (NYY), Braden Shewmake (ATL) 

Houston Astros – Bullpen Arms/Catcher 

The Astros are premium contenders to win another title this year. They have the most complete team in the American League. Their weak spot in the lineup is their catcher, but their only weakness is probably the bullpen. They have a poor farm system but could trade low-level guys. 

Possible Fits: Yan Gomes (WAS), Wilson Contreras (CHC), Richard Rodriguez (PIT), Craig Kimbrel (CHC), Salvador Perez (KCR) 

KC Royals – Prospect Packages 

There aren’t really many moves the Royals can make at the trade deadline to give much hope for 2021. However, they can give their fans hope for the future by obtaining prospects to their already 10th ranked farm system. Pitching prospects are not in abundance, so they may need to target them first. 

Possible Fits: Tyler Ivey (HOU), Freudis Nova (HOU), Reggie Lawson (SDP), Seth Corry (SFG) 

Los Angeles Angels – Starting Pitching 

The Angels have one of the most exciting teams in the MLB. Led by Shohei Ohtani and the injured Mike Trout, they have no shortage of storylines. However, they are fourth in the AL West and need to make changes if they want to make a push. These changes need to come in the starting rotation. 

Possible Fits: Kyle Gibson (TEX), Madison Bumgarner (ARI), German Marquez (COL), Sonny Gray (CIN) 

Minnesota Twins – Pitching Prospects 

The Twins may be farther from contention than they think and need to sell at the trade deadline. The farm system is well balanced, except for an absence of southpaws. As a majority though, the Twins need pitching help and should start gathering it now.  

Possible Fits: Jay Groome (BOS), Burl Carraway (CHC), Hector Yan (LAA), Yoendrys Gomez (NYY) 

New York Yankees – Outfielders and Starting Pitchers 

For more information on the Yankees’ trade targets, click here.  

Possible Fits: Joey Gallo (TEX), Luis Arraez (MIN), Jose Berrios (MIN) 

Oakland Athletics – Shortstop & Bullpen Depth 

One of baseball’s smallest market teams is sitting in a good position. The Athletics are sitting pretty in wild card contention and behind Houston in the West. However, they need more arms to make a run in October, and Elvis Andrus has just been bad, on both sides of the ball.  

Possible Fits: Trevor Story (COL), Luis Arraez (MIN), Asdrubal Cabrera (ARI), Raisel Iglesias (LAA) 

Seattle Mariners – Young Guys 

Seattle is in a weird spot. They have a solid record, but they are expecting to fall off. They do not have a talented enough roster to compete, and the Mariners should sell. 

Possible Fits: Michael Harris (ATL), Chadwick Tromp (SFG), Jaylin Davis (SFG), Chris Gittens (NYY) 

Tampa Bay Rays – Starters 

Tampa Bay is ready to roll and should overtake Boston for the division lead sometime in the second half. The Rays have been playing good baseball but need to ensure the starting rotation. 

Possible Fits: Drew Smyly (ATL), Jose Berrios (MIN), bring up Brendan McKay (more Rays’ style) 

Texas Rangers – Trade Packages 

The Rangers are horrible. They need to tear it all down and get rid of Joey Gallo at the trade deadline. They should target teams with good farm systems that can give them worthy enough players. 

Possible Fits: Anybody needing Joey Gallo and can offer good packages 

Toronto Blue Jays – Bullpen Arms and a few bats 

Toronto maybe a year or two out from competing, but they are not out of it yet. If they can pick up a solid bat or two and a few arms to sure up the pen, they may be able to snag a wild card spot. 

Possible Fits: Craig Kimbrel (CHC), Jose Cinero (DET), Trevor Story (COL), Yan Gomes (WAS) 

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