Best Potential Throwback Helmets in the NFL

After a nine-year absence, NFL teams will be allowed to wear alternate helmet shells. Since 2013 teams have been restricted to one helmet shell as part of a movement to increase player safety. The decals could be changed freely- Miami, for example, wore their 2000s era logo three times last season- but the base color had to remain the shame

There are lots of options for teams to don; some iconic, others hideous. These are the best five helmets we could see next season.

5. Seattle’s Silver

As the Seahawks are among the newer teams in the NFL, generations of fans still associate Seattle with these silver lids.

The logo is less menacing and more creepy compared to their current one, but that’s not an entirely bad thing. It features a vibrant green that Seattle has misused in recent years (see their Color Rush unis).

The Steve Largent era was not a terribly successful one for Seattle, but one that should be remembered via these helmets.

4. Atlanta’s Red

Let’s be real, the Falcons recent rebrand isn’t the best. They jersey are unique and thematically fit Atlanta, but the whole look is a bit jarring.

The throwbacks, however, are timeless classics.

The Falcons regularly wore red helmets with black jerseys for only four years, but the look is a favorite among fans and internally within the team.

3. Philadelphia’s Kelly Green

When you think ‘Eagles’ does the classic kelly green and grey come to mind? Or the modern midnight green and black. That’s what I thought.

Reggie White, Randall Cunningham, Buddy Ryan; names synonymous with Philadelphia spent their time during the lighter Eagles era.

2. Tampa Bay’s Creamsicle

The 2020 uniforms are a drastic step up from the alarm clock numbers and collegiate jerseys of the mid 2010’s. All that’s missing now is a throwback.

Admittedly, Tampa Bay’s lively orange scheme is and was a very divisive look.

But those that like it, love it; including owner Joel Glazer.

A white shelled helmet brings back the fierce pirate Tampa Bay lacks on their modern helmets. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Gronk in some goofy vibrant orange?

1. New England’s ‘Pat the Patriot’

 Pat the Patriot is football. He, along with the old Tampa Bay buccaneer and the modern Oakland raider, personify football. That’s not something you can say about the ambiguous ‘Flying Elvis’ used today.

Everyone remembers long haired Tom Brady rocking a red jersey and white helmet. It’s Mac Jones’s time.

Interestingly, in 2020 the Patriots introduced new uniforms with shoulder stripes reminiscent of the Pat the Patriot era.




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