2021 West Finals Preview

The Clippers meet the Suns in the 2021 West Finals in an effort to shift the narrative of their respective reputations towards winning. Who you got?

Series Prediction

Ultimately, the 2021 West Finals may come down to who gets healthy quicker.  If Kawhi Leonard ends up making an appearance, the Clippers likely become the favorite.  If the Suns get Chris Paul back in game 2 or 3, their chances increase.  There are a lot of moving parts in this series which makes picking a winner difficult. However, I do think Phoenix has a distinct advantage. 

When looking at these teams’ rosters, Phoenix just has a bevy of young, athletic talent.  Ayton and Booker are obviously the centerpieces but players like Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson and even Payne and Saric have been effective and essential to Phoenix’s success.  Throw in veterans like Jae Crowder and Torey Craig and Phoenix’s advantage in terms of depth is huge.  So with that logic in place, my 2021 West Finals prediction is….

Suns in 7

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4 responses to “2021 West Finals Preview”

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  2. Larry and Moe Avatar
    Larry and Moe

    By the will of Rondo, this Paul will not pass…to the finals. Should be fun to see Rondo pester Paul

  3. Larry and Moe Avatar
    Larry and Moe

    Gotta go Clips, it’s just too sad if they don’t win

  4. Big Bird Avatar
    Big Bird

    Gonna be a fun series – nice preview – Clippers in 7.

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