Wrong With NBA 2k21

There Is A lot Wrong With NBA 2k21

It’s the time of year where 2k is slow. You start to get more furious with the game, the grind doesn’t seem worth it, and you realize that the game is not fun anymore. It is ok to feel like this. NBA 2k21 is the worst game in this history of 2k and here’s why:

Current Gen vs. Next Gen

Needless to say it’s been a hectic year for video games in itself with a brand new system surfacing. In May of 2021 people are still having a difficult time trying to acquire the new system. That in full scale means half the fan base is stuck on current gen while the small 2% of people are on next gen. It isn’t a good look.

I don’t know how many times I try and get a squad of 5 together and the first three guys hop in and the party saying they don’t have next gen. When this theme has been repeating itself over and over again it’s hard to stay motivated to play. 

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What’s Wrong With NBA 2k21 and Its ‘s Skill Gap

2k either takes a small step forward or stays the same, but this year they took ten steps backward. Making the skill gap nonexistent isn’t what 2k needs. EVERYONE (even the casuals) can play this game. It takes 0 skill to be able to compete at a high level simply because we have no idea what that ‘high level’ is. 

Animations have been the same for years, and the cheese is always going to be there. When you have guys constantly exploiting these when a guy has no badges or is an 87 overall you tend to wonder how everything good is happening for them. It’s frustrating at the end of the day for the players who actually compete and know how to play the game. 

Think I’m bluffing? Have you ever seen someone just jack up a three 100% contested and it goes in more than once ? Time a block perfectly and it ends up with you on a poster? The game rewards players for all the fuckery that happens (Pardon my french).

My Player Builds:

They said we all can make a build that only we can make and that is a bold-faced lie. When you have millions of players creating the Scoring Machine power forward at 6’7 it is turning more into a “Demigod’ game and less of an evenly competitive game. In case everyone was wondering the most used builds are the following:

Scoring Machine 6’7 PF

Paint Beast 6’7-6’10 PF

Two 3-Level Score 6’7 SF/PF

Offensive Threat 6’7 SF

Two Way Stretch Glass Cleaner 6’11 C

Do you see a pattern? 2k either doesn’t care enough or is completely oblivious to this issue. With everyone abusing the system it’s creating a gap in the 2k community. When everyone can shoot, rebound, defend, and dribble out of their mind the problem isn’t with the players the problem is the creators. 

Have you kept up this far ? Good because I’m not finished. There is a lot Wrong With NBA 2k21 (hence the article name).


One of the parts of the game I was looking forward to the most was team Pro-Am. If you’ve been playing 2k/been following me you will know that I play Pro Am every time I turn the game on. This mode is for the guys who want to play the very best and compete. There’s just one huge problem!

Users with the Xbox Series S can’t play Pro-Am because 2k hasn’t patched or updated the game and the connection issues are real. Once you get on the arena and ready up it takes 2 minutes and then you get dashed to the home screen or get hit with a black screen. With this issue present, it’s been sending players back into the Rec and a lot of people aren’t happy. Wrong With NBA 2k21

The Rec in my opinion is for guys who don’t know how to play or for guys who are looking for a few warm up games and to get their chemistry together. If you notice you can’t ever get a full 5 in the Rec and that’s because no one thinks the Rec is fun unless there’s a double rep event. 

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Current Gen Bug

I find it funny that 2k spent all this time creating a 106 GB game and everyone is making their way back to the broken NBA 2k20.5. Most guys are playing in leagues and playing Pro-Am on current-gen because of the delay in NextGen. Most players I’ve come across hate current-gen, but they stay because there are 0 issues with Pro-Am. Again, another huge problem in the community that no one bothers to look into. 

In Conclusion, Guards don’t have the advantage over bigs because they can do everything the guard can do and then some. People act like the ‘Demigod’ era was fun. Hate to break it to everyone it wasn’t. You have Guards and Forwards out rebounding Glass Cleaners, Slashers/Paint Beasts hitting like Sharps. The game is completely broken fam! 

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