2021 NBA Playoff X-Factors – West

For the second year in a row; my friend, colleague and NLJ founder James Macey joins me as we breakdown our favorite unsung hero’s. The players who could swing a game or series based on their hustle, skill or indefinable qualities. Players otherwise known as “X-Factors.” Join us as we breakdown our favorite 2021 NBA Playoff X-Factors in the Western Conference. To view our post on the Eastern Conference X-Factors, click here.


To be eligible for this list, I made up one rule: no 2021 all-stars. You can be a former all-star or a potential future all-star but this post is for the players who didn’t get that type of recognition this season. James and I will take a look at each team and determine which players could be an X-Factor for their teams going into the playoffs. This time we look at the Eastern Conference playoff race and the X-factors that could determine who moves on.  James Macey joins me again as we go through the standings from top to bottom.  Here are your Western Conference NBA Playoff X-factors. 



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