2021 NBA Playoff X-Factors – East

Which players will separate themselves as 2021 NBA Playoff X-Factors? Which unsung hero will come through for their team in the clutch?


Milwaukee Bucks

46-26, 3rd in East

Playoff Matchup: (6) Miami Heat

Sean: Jrue Holiday

 It feels like cheating picking Jrue Holiday here. The accolades and recognition he’s received in his career so far seem remarkably small compared to his value in the league.  Holiday is an absolute dog on defense and there is no one better to hound Miami’s shooters than him.  Speaking of Miami, what’s the difference between last year’s Bucks team and this one? That’s right… Jrue Holiday.

The Bucks feel different than in year’s past and I think we’re gonna see that difference when Milwaukee walks on the floor with Holiday as their starting guard. He’s a killer on defense and the perfect compliment to Giannis. These playoffs are the reason Milwaukee traded for him. Let’s see him go to work. 

James: Jrue Holiday

One of the biggest moves the Bucks did in this offseason was acquire Holiday. Jrue is one of the best on ball defenders in the league and is averaging 17, and 6 on 50% shooting. It’s amazing how much one guy can change the morale of a franchise but the Bucks look unstoppable with Holiday leading the way. 

The Bucks finally have another guy who can take over and produce. Holidays ability to guard the perimeter at a high level will create havoc for a lot of teams. As soon as someone crosses halfcourt he is in their jersey for the full 24. Crazy thing to add to his Holidays resume is he’s averaged a steal a game for his whole career on the better half of two a game for 7 straight seasons. He is a true two way guard. 

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