JID Blessed Us with a 3-pack of Songs

     Last Friday (February 5) JID, the rapid fire spitta from Dreamville blessed his fans with a three-pack of “new” songs. Fans of JID had already known about the existence of these songs. However, the fact that they are coming to streaming services and will be available for mass consumption should signal something to those not as familiar with his work. JID’s last solo release (the fantastic DiCaprio 2) was all the way back in 2018.  While JID has been active through features, his group Spillage Village and J Cole’s Dreamville label; fans have been clamoring for another full length album.  On January 19, JID gave us a hint of just that. “The Forever Story” would seem to be the title for JID’s follow up to DiCaprio 2 and his third full length album.  Before we get there though, let’s look at the three teasers he released last weekend. 


“Cludder” is exactly what we’ve come to expect from JID.  He drops lyrical gems throughout while simultaneously switching up his flow up and riding the beat in ways that you wouldn’t expect. JID has one of the most recognizable flows in the game despite being considered an up-and-coming emcee.  That speaks to how original his sound and delivery is. While Cludder is technically a “freestyle”,  it still boasts a chorus and two full verses from the young ATLien. It’s a must listen for JID fans and also a good entry point for people who haven’t really listened to his music yet.


They ain’t dribblin’, they travelin’, they ain’t civil, they savages

Wrist little, they shootin’ like Shawn Marion, accurate

Baggin’ shit, shit bag, body bag, bad shit happenin’

Bad men, bullеts racket like badminton, that’s past tensе

Ballads” f/ Conway the Machine

The collaboration between JID and Conway the Machine on “Ballads” is what Hip Hop dreams are made of. JID’s silky smooth flow and delivery mesh perfectly with Conway’s hard hitting, gritty punchlines and voice made of gravel. Putting these two over a loop-driven soul sample only accentuates the lyrics both emcees put on display.  “Ballads” is one of those tracks where both artists needed to their games with the knowledge that they would be on the same track. Both of their lyrical swords are as sharp as ever and it shows.



Kill the beat, beat a dead horse

Ill swordsman, sportsmanship

That’s horseshit, copious corpses

Outsourcing for resources

You got a gun, we got assortments

They make appointments, joint rolling, join forces

And we rejoice when real n****s lift their voices for the voiceless

Conway the Machine

Stash boxes for the straps in the navigator

Don C alligator

A lot of rappers they just imaginative exaggerators

Box landed, take them packs and put them on the calculator

Bruuuh (Remix) f/ Denzel Curry

“Bruuuh (Remix)” is technically the oldest of the three recently released tracks (the original came out in 2017!).  However, the song sounds just as new as the day it came out. JID himself confirmed on twitter that he re-recorded his verse and the addition of Denzel Curry makes this song appointment listening. Similar to the Conway feature, JID and Curry’s chemistry is on full display here. The upbeat production gives both emcees room to flex their lyrical muscles and spit rapid-fire verses that both artists have become famous for. This song is a rapping clinic and proof that this next generation is ready to take the throne when they get their opportunity. 



I done did wrong, someone send me up vertically

Horizontally, read me a passage from Deuteronomy

Anything you can do to conquer the demon inside of me

Denzel Curry

Movie groovy, jinkies, Scooby

Very spooky, soul is black as Moolies

Talk like Pootie, I spit, fire loogies

Comin’ off the kufi with the blues, no Tookie

Final Thoughts

All in all, JID fans should be ecstatic.  Not only do we get some classic tracks to add to our Spotify playlists but the releases also signal more incoming music. As mentioned in my introduction, The Forever Story should be here this year.  The release of some fan favorite singles seems to be the first salvo in a bid to remind fans what he’s about. It’s also a good tool to educate people who may not be fans as to who the fuck JID is and what he’s about.  If these three songs didn’t make the final cut of the album, then the quality of music we’re about to receive on the album could be off the charts.  

     JID is coming off a 2019 where he shined on a collaborative album with other superstars via Revenge of the Dreamers III.  A 2020 where his lyricism and originality stuck out with his contributions to the Spilligion album. 2021 could see his biggest album release to date and a chance to become a star in his own right and not just one of an ensemble. D-d-d-d don’t miss the chance to hop on the bandwagon now. 



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