The Best MLB Offseasons so Far

The MLB offseason is starting to heat up big time, and the shape of each team is forming. Although there are still huge players on the market such as J.T. Realmuto and Trevor Bauer , most players have signed. Some teams have made lots of noise, like the Padres and Mets, while others have stayed silent, like the Dodgers. Whether it’s a trade or a signing, the offseason is time to improve your team, or at least retain players. Some teams don’t need a ton of changes, like the defending champs, while others need plenty of moves. Either way, let’s take a look at the three best MLB offseasons so far. 

New York Mets 

It was easy to see this one coming, but you can’t leave them off the list. Steve Cohen wants to “win now” and has proven that quickly to start off the offseason. His first move was patching up a giant hole behind the dish with James McCann, which was a solid signing. After resigning Marcus Stroman to add depth to the rotation, he did the same thing to the bullpen by signing Trevor May. Cohen has finished off his conquest of the MLB by trading for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco.  Arguably the best MLB offseason belongs to the Mets.

Marcus Stroman helped the Mets to the best MLB offseason, as the pitching staff is still talented.

The reason the Mets has had one of the best MLB off-seasons is not because they have thrown money at players, but because they have thrown money at the right players. New York signed a catcher, which was probably the biggest hole in their lineup coming in. They also picked up a shortstop to replace the disappointing Amed Rosario. They didn’t approach the biggest names on the free agency market, but they signed their guys. Springer would have been a very big signing, but they missed out on him as he heads to Canada. Expect the Mets to make a run at Bauer and maybe Tanaka, but even if they miss out on both, it was a successful first offseason for Steve Cohen and the New York Mets. 

San Diego Padres 

The Padres have been able to find the majority of their success in trading, not free agency. They have yet to sign a single major player but have still acquired Yu Darvish and Blake Snell. The Padres rounded out their drastic pitching improvements by trading for Joe Musgrove, who has been decent. Musgrove won’t be a superstar, but a dependable fourth or fifth starter in a stacked pitching staff. The departure of Garrett Richards is like a slap on the wrist with the rotation they now have. San Diego had one of the best MLB offseasons because they also made a splash in the international market. The addition of Ha-Seong Kim will be a project but could be an exciting addition.  

Unfortunately, the Padres didn’t improve on their bigger pitching issue, the bullpen. They were unable to address any relief needs, but there is still time. Their first step needs to be resigning Trevor Rosenthal, and then going after another big name. Brad Hand and Alex Colome are both available and would be nice additions to a struggling group of relievers. The Padres also should look at adding a better hitting catcher, although Austin Nola hit well in Seattle. The Padres made some big moves, but need one or two more to get over the hump. The MLB offseason headlines were full of San Diego’s moves.

Yu Darvish was traded in one of the biggest moves of the MLB offseason.
New York Yankees 

The Bronx Bombers might be back in the World Series sooner than most teams are hoping. Their offseason has been great so far, and they are starting to fill in their holes. D.J. LeMahieu was the Yankees’ biggest move, and a very important resigning. New York’s biggest question mark has been their pitching. The offense is super talented, but the pitching needs to improve to overtake the Dodgers. Luckily, Corey Kluber was signed to try and improve that question mark. Kluber is coming off of two injury-plagued years, but before that he was dominant. If Kluber can come anywhere near his old form, the rest of the league is in danger. Recently, the Yankees also picked up Jameson Taillon in a trade for four guys, which is always a risk.  

If their signings don’t work out, then New York is in deep trouble next season. However, if the 27-time champions made the right call on their pitchers, they will be hoisting the trophy yet again. The starting rotation will be weak to start the season, but if the two injured pitchers return to form, it could reach its maximum potential. There aren’t many holes other than the pitching, and New York could be good even without solid arms. 

The 2020 MLB season is shaping up to be a good one, and we could very well see these three times making a run at a title. The MLB offseason isn’t even over, yet it’s already been super exciting.  

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