Why #patsnation Should Root For Tom Brady

It’s been a tough season for #patsnation. For the first time in 12 years, the New England Patriots will be watching the NFL playoffs from their couch. As fans, we’ve been humbled.  Memes were made, shots were fired and motherfucking Buffalo won the division this year.  Times are tough. So without a team to root for this weekend, I’m gonna tell you why we (#patsnation) should root for Tom Brady and the Tompa Bay Buccaneers.   

     Before I get too deep though, let’s dive into our feelings on the subject of Brady in a Bucs jersey.  Open your minds and join me in the healing circle.  All season I’ve rooted against Tampa Bay. When they got blown out by the Saints in week 9 by a score of 38-3, I was ecstatic. Somewhere though, deep down, something felt wrong. Somewhere between that loss and the implosion of the Patriots, I realized I still had feelings for our franchise savior and ex-QB.  After week 9, I started checking his box scores like a jilted ex-lover stalking an Instagram.  I wrote and deleted posts defending his move to Tampa Bay like text messages left in drafts. Finally, this weekend when I heard Chase Young yell I want Tom”, something clicked in my brain.  I got chills and I thought to myself, ‘that was a mistake rook’. 

Reason #1: Brady’s Patriots Legacy     

So let’s just get into why we should root for Tom Brady this postseason.  First off, it’s good for us as a franchise.  If Brady gets 7 rings, it only strengthens the Patriots’ case for having the best quarterback of all time. Even if he gets his final ring in a Bucs jersey, he’s got six in the Pats’ blue and red.  When Tom Brady is inducted into the Hall of Fame, he’ll be wearing a Pats jersey. The Patriots (and Bill Belichick) will be all over the first several hundred words and paragraphs of his biography.  A Tampa Bay ring will get him another paragraph (at most) but mostly they will be relegated to a footnote. Think Jordan on the Wizards or perhaps more appropriately, Montana on the Chiefs.

Reason #2: GOAT Status     

Secondly, do we really want Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees or Patrick Mahomes to get another ring?  The fewer rings those quarterbacks have, the stronger Brady’s case for GOAT is. Obviously, Brady is firmly ahead of Brees, Rodgers and Russell Wilson but I’d still rather not see them get another ring. We all know Patrick Mahomes is coming on strong but if Brady can take one away from him this season, that would be another notch on the belt for the GOAT. Right now the hierarchy sits Brady, Montana then everyone else.  We don’t want any of the four QB’s mentioned above to strengthen their case with a ring this season. 

Reason #3: We’re Not Over Him

Finally, let’s put aside our pride #patsnation. I hated Brady for leaving and I hate seeing his Bucs in the playoffs. Especially with our Pats sitting at home but it is what it is. I’m willing to admit I still love seeing him play. I love seeing the Brady-to-Gronk connection followed by a Gronk spike on Sportcenter and I would absolutely love to see Brady take Chase Young to school for opening up his mouth this weekend. Does that mean I’m going to take my Brady jersey out of mothballs and throw it on like it’s 2004?  Nah, I’m not gonna go that far. However, I’ll be ready to see Playoff Tom Brady do his thing for one last ride in a number 12 jersey even though it looks like this…



3 thoughts on “Why #patsnation Should Root For Tom Brady

  1. I will always admire respect and follow Tom Brady. There is nobody else like him in the NFL it great to see young quarterbacks like Mahomes break records . But how many will be able to play at age 43 the way Brady does?

  2. Tom Brady makes the second coming of Christ look like dog crap. All hail Brady and HIS immaculately chiseled body. We are lucky to be living in this time!

  3. First off, patriot fans should have never resent Brady for leaving after 20 years and 6 Super Bowls. Patriot fans should be thrilled to have had a star like that help dig their franchise out of the dirt, and wish him well on his departure to sunny Florida and a soon-to-be retirement. That being said I agree with the points you make about rooting for him. Why not? Playoff “under pressure” Tom Brady has produced some of the most exciting football. If you love the game, you want Brady and the Bucs to silence the 7-9 Washington football team easily and move on without a second thought. (The fact the a 7-9 team gets to host a playoff game is a whole other topic and the NFL needs to take a serious look at how it’s playoffs are seeded because that is BS). Root for Brady, root for good football, root for entertainment this playoffs. Cause we need it right now more than ever.

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