Clippers Sign Ibaka Bad News For Nets

If you were asleep last night you missed Serge Ibaka signing with the Clippers for 2yr/$19m, instantly replacing Montrez Harrell who just recently signed with the Lakers for the same contract.

This ends a hot pursuit for the big man who brings toughness, grittiness, and the ability to stretch the floor to any organization. Ibaka’s defense down low and great reaction time are the types of qualities that made Ibaka so popular this offseason.

Ibaka averaged 15.4 ppg, 8.2 rpg, on 52% from the field. We can also note that he shot an impressive 38% from three as he’s managed to make the three pointer a vocal point of his game.

Why The Clippers?

Losing a solid power forward in Harrell was a huge blow, but for Ibaka filling that role meant significant minutes off the bench if not a starting role; something other teams couldn’t guarantee while pursuing him. 

The Clippers have been falling off the map lately, but this signing can put some at ease. Ibaka can be the piece that makes the Clippers work this year after a disappointing turnout in the playoffs. 

With this move it put the Brooklyn Nets to rest as they were heavily pursuing Ibaka. 




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