BREAKING: LA Lakers Sign Montrez Harrell

At 9:46 PM, Andrian Wojnarowski announced that 6th Man of the Year, Montrez Harrell, was signing a 2 year 19 million dollar contract with the LA Lakers. With this addition, the Lakers add much-needed depth to their frontcourt. With Dwight Howard departing, LA had a massive hole at their center position, leaving Javelle Mcgee as their only listed Center, and Anthony Davis as the other (formidable) lone big on the roster. 

This pairs Dennis Schruder with either Mcgee or Harrell to run a dynamic pick and roll offense off the bench. The addition of both Harrell and Schruder filled LA’s biggest weakness from last season, bench production. They added two of the three leading vote-getters in the 6MOTY race last season, and with 1 still remaining in free agency (Lou Williams), we could see all 3 end up in LA. If Montrez took a pay cut for a better chance at a championship, it could be possible his bench running mate would as well.

Overall a great pick up for LA. The perfect frontcourt match for AD, as well as lob threat for Lebron. Does this addition make LA better, worse, or no change at all? You tell me in the comments below!



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