These Harden Rumors Need To Stop

These James Harden trade rumors are getting out of hand. Harden will not help Brooklyn win a championship, he will only hurt this franchise in the long run. All you Nets fans need to open your eyes and refrain from getting distracted by the hype. Just take a breathe and let me explain. 

He doesn’t fit the system as much as people want to believe. The potential nastiest trio in the league most are predicting will turn toxic the moment they step foot on the court. There are too many question marks and too many issues that wouldn’t be resolved easily. Imagine asking Harden to sacrifice his numbers for a championship, or telling Kyrie to take a step back. The only sane one out of the three is KD and we know that from his days with the Warriors.

How will you have three ball-dominant guys in one lineup? 

The ball won’t move around at all down the stretch, and it all starts with Kyrie and Harden figuring out who is going to push the rock up the floor. Then you run into who would be willing to come off the bench to run in the second unit…..yeah you would hear crickets because Harden is way past that, Irving wants to run his own team, and KD would be a middle man but it would get old fast. 

Really think in-depth about this; You can’t just put three guys like this on the squad. It didn’t work with Harden and CP3, it’s not working out with Westbrook and Harden, what makes you think it’s going to work out with Irving, and Harden? Harden can’t play with another all-star caliber guard. Remember the situation in OKC? He wanted to be the first option on offense and wanted more money. Harden has been like this his whole career, and this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Usage Rate – Last 3 Seasons


Bold indicates league leader

Instead, you have guys like LeVert, Harris, Allen, and Dinwiddie who are seemingly willing to buy into the system. The majority of the fanbase wants to risk giving up a solid core for three years of maybe getting to the conference finals?

When this team is at full strength they become one of the deepest rosters in the NBA. When guys accept their role this team becomes scary. Take Harden out of the equation and your second line consists of:

  • Spencer Dinwiddie 
  • Joe Harris 
  • Taurean Prince 
  • Rodions Kurucus
  • Jarrett Allen

Why pass that up? Is Harden really worth the headaches? If you want a title you wouldn’t gut the roster for an iso scorer who takes 20-26 shots a night. Put the Harden rumors to rest.

Instead the focus should turn to recruiting Serge Ibaka, and maintaining a consistent balance in the locker room. 




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