Three Things That Will Happen Due To NBA Season Starting Early

The NBA season is set to start 12/22 and will be 72 games long (Per Woj). The fan in me is ecstatic that basketball will continue within a month and half, but the player in me is concerned. Tune in as I give some Pros and Cons of the season starting.


Load Management

Teams who have been competing at a high level in the bubble that ended only a month ago won’t be at full strength come 12/22. These teams include the Clippers, Nuggets, Celtics, Heat, Lakers, and Raptors who have been battle-tested in the bubble and will struggle all season long, but mostly in the first two months of play.

Don’t be surprised to see teams utilize ‘load management’ a term that basketball fans hate because it takes the game’s best players and sidelines them for stretches throughout the season. The goal of opening arenas up to 25-50% capacity is a risk in itself, but fans also risk Corona and the reason they want to go to the game in the first place; their favorite players. Overall, this method is a great strategy to further players’ careers and keeps them fresh for important moments in the season, especially if your team is a playoff contender.


Certain Teams Will Get A Headstart

One reason why this season will be interesting is that it is still anyone’s game. Teams that didn’t participate in the bubble or left early have the edge. In those first two months, the Suns, Wizards, Hawks, etc. will jump out to a fast start because they’ve had more time to rest and practice. It’s simple math here guys

You may think that’s has no correlation or has 0 affect in the season, but it does. Those teams who have been dropped in the playoff conversation now have the ability to put their names in the conversation with the way this season is shaping up to be. I expect the 72-game season to be as interesting as the bubble.


Injury Prone Season

Taking care of your body is important for any NBA season, but this one in particular. Keeping your body in game shape is more difficult than people realize. If a player is getting up there in age more toward 32-34 your body reacts differently than if you are 22-26.

Some guys don’t stretch before they hoop because they’re body doesn’t need or at least they think they don’t need to stretch. The amount of wear and tear in one’s body makes injuries more relevant. One wrong move and it could end a career, set back a timeline, and on the business side lose money. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if some players sit out for a few months this season. Adam Silver could put that rule into place like he stated before the bubble that players could sit out for the rest of the season with no penalty. 

Some fans think NBA players are indestructible, but they forget that these players are human too. It will be interesting to see how injuries impact this season.

With this new NBA Season still under covid who knows the rules and regulations that will be put into place.




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  1. Too much rest in not necessarily the best thing. Extra rest may be a good thing to heal for some players but also to easy to get out of shape. The teams that went deeper in playoffs are more in game shape ready to start an earlier season. It will be interesting to see hoe this new season plays out.

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