Mike Celebrates Birthday with “Rodman” Drop

Michael Seander never imagined this life. If anything, he was expecting to be a professional baseball player with a degree in sport management as a backup plan. He was the closer for Duke University during his college years but suffered from a torn UCL which required him to get Tommy John surgery. Unable to play ball during his recovery, he turned to music to pass the time and found a new career in the process. The first song he ever released was “College Humor” which was supposed to be a joke for his teammates at George Washington University which he attended for a year after he was able to get back out on the field.

That song ended up going viral as it’s racked up 2.5 million views to date. If that was an indication of anything, it showed that Seander was able to start his career as a rapper and move away from the typical 9-5 jobs that typical people have. He went under the stage name Mike Stud and grew to a bigger audience. He’s dropped many songs, went on many tours, has multiple albums as well as mixtapes to his name, and some hit songs that include “These Days” which features his good friend and professional baseball player Marcus Stroman. That song ended up being certified platinum and has over 28 million views on YouTube.

After his surprise album drop at the end of 2019, he changed his stage name from Mike Stud to “Mike” and has released a multitude of singles since. His newest song is called “Rodman” after the ever electric and energetic former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman. He dropped this song on his 32nd birthday which he turned a year older on October 30th.

While nothing has been announced, many fans are speculating an album drop sometime in the future which will be his first album under the stage name of Mike.

KEEP GOING Papa Steve!



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