King Von ft. Fivio Foreign- “I am What I am”: Review

Many in the hip-hop world recognize King Von as one of the kings of new Chicago drill. XXL Freshman standout Fivio Foreign is a premier New York drill rapper. Many know him to be a pioneer of the emerging drill scene in New York, and also as one of the most energetic rappers out right now.

The two new-age gangster rappers combined to form one of the years most energetic and underrated solo tracks so far.

After listening to this track about a dozen times (while I should have been studying), I identified three key factors that made this song such a stand out… (read below!)

1. Fivio’s Adlibs!

I could listen to an entire album of Kid Cudi humming. Similarly, I would not hesitate to listen to Fivio yell “movie!” over drill beats for an entire project. Bringing tracks to life is a strength of his, as he did in the 2020 XXL Cypher (You can see our Cypher verse rankings here!). Fivio’s ability to help bring the best out of his peers is what makes him such a prevalent feature artist, and this skill helped lead to his blow-up. We have seen him do it with Drake, Pop Smoke, and now King Von.

He’s only 24, yet he is already a staple of his quickly growing genre. Despite making music for years now, he still has many years more to enter his prime and dominate the drill scene. Hip-hop fans should be eager to see who he collaborates with next..

2. King Von’s Hook Making Ability

As seen on tracks like “Took Her to the O”, King Von has a knack for enticing the listener with immediately hardcore hooks. He sets the pace perfectly. “I am what I am” is no different. King Von immediately establishes the violent, dangerous and also motivated tone he and Fivio were looking to set. His hook, accentuated by Fivio’s mentioned adlibs, in part make this song so unforgettably motivating.

3. King Von and Fivio’s Chemistry

Not only do Von and Fivio share similar styles, but they also seem to share a similar vision. Their unique contributions to their respective genre have helped lead to a huge wave of mainstream drill rapping, and one can only hope for more tracks between the two. On top of the track being phenomenal, the music video is lively, immersive, and the two are clearly enjoying themselves.

GRADE: 8.5/10

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