Undefeated NFL

Ranking the Undefeated NFL Teams

The NFL season is now a quarter of the way through, and with that comes the first real look at what teams truly championship-worthy. This group consists of an interesting mix of Super Bowl favorites, surprise contenders, and teams that have just lucked out. With that said, let’s see how these six teams compare to one another.

6. Tennessee Titans

Undefeated NFL

The Titans shocked the world last postseason by knocking out the Patriots and tarnishing the end of Tom Brady’s career in New England. They have carried that momentum into this season, having started 3-0 for the first time since 2008. Tennessee would have played a fellow undefeated team in the Steelers during Week 4, however, that game was postponed due to COVID-19.

Despite being 3-0, Tennessee could just as well be 0-3. They’ve allowed a combined 74 points to three of the worst offenses in the league and allowed the 24th most yards per drive.  The offense has bailed them out of games which is something that will not be constant. Ryan Tannehill is simply not a sustainable quarterback and Derrick Henry can only tank through so many hits. The clock is running out for the Titans.

The Titans play the 4-0 Buffalo Bills in Week 5.

5. Seattle Seahawks

Undefeated NFL

Russell Wilson may be having an MVP-caliber season, but that does not excuse the worst defense in the league. In fact, the Seahawks’ prolific offense is what’s stopping them from being an even better team.

Seattle is the second most efficient offense in the league, scoring 3.09 points per drive. However, they are doing so at lightning speed. The average Seahawks drive is 2:52, 12th quickest in the league. Their defense also ranks 17th in points per drive, yet they’ve allowed the single-most amount of yards in the NFL. The Seahawks defense is getting the job done just enough to hold off opponents but the speed at which the offense is scoring points is granting more than average amount of drives to their opponents. If Wilson and Co. keep operating at the pace they are, teams with competent offenses will exploit the weak Seattle defense.

The four teams the Seahawks have played have a combined record of 4-12. Any team above .500 will dismantle the seahawks.

The Seahawks play the Vikings in Week 5.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Undefeated NFL

Pittsburgh is also 3-0 after their Week 4 game was suspended, but they’d likely still be at 100% had they played that game. The Steelers defense is as elite as it was last year, and with a healthy Ben Roethlisberger, the offense is in the top half of the league.

There aren’t many bad things to say about Pittsburgh but having a good-not-great offense will hold them back. It’s been years since a non-top-10 offense won the Super Bowl, and there’s no indication that streak will break now.

The Steelers play the Eagles in Week 5.

3. Buffalo Bills

Undefeated NFL

Josh Allen has finally made the leap Buffalo fans were waiting for and is putting up MVP-type numbers. The offense has put up the fourth-most yards and fifth-most points, and nearly half of their drives end in points.

Ironically, the Bills’ worst area is defense. After being a stalwart against other teams for years and suffering from an offense that could only generously be called mediocre, the script has been reversed. Buffalo has allowed the twelfth most yards and have allowed a score on 44% of drives.

If the defense can get back to their old ways, we may be looking a Super Bowl contender. Until then, Buffalo is destined for a Divisional Round exit.

The Bills play the undefeated Titans in Week 5.

2. Green Bay Packers

Undefeated NFL

This Packers team is the definition of entertaining football. They have averaged a ridiculous 38 points per game and the defense has collected the seventh most sacks despite blitzing at the fourth lowest rate in the league.

The only thing holding back Green Bay is the injury bug. Davante Adams will likely miss a second consecutive game due to injury. On top of that, Christian Kirksey and Allen Lazard have both hit the IR. The Packers will need a clean bill of health if they want to make a deep run this year.

The Packers have a bye in Week 5.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

Undefeated NFL

There’s nothing to be said about the Chiefs that hasn’t been said before. With the exception of an OT game against the Chargers, Kansas City has beaten each of their other opponents by a minimum of two touchdowns.

Between the magical offense led by Patrick Mahomes and a defense that’s forced seven turnovers, the only lowlight of this team appears to be the kicking.

Harrison Butker is kicking a career-worst 87% on field goals and has converted extra points at the third-lowest rate in the league. While this may appear to be a minuscule issue initially, it may become an issue down the line for a team that scores as often as Kansas City.

The Chiefs play the Raiders in Week 5.

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