2020 West Finals Preview

Series Prediction

Denver has been fighting for their lives all postseason. They’ve got into a hole in each series but that has resulted in them playing their best basketball. They should be going into this series already feeling like their backs are against the wall in that they are a huge underdog. However, that’s where they thrive. They have the ability to beat the Lakers but will they be consistent enough to do so?

This is the Lakers’ moment. They’ve drawn one of the easier routes to the Finals that they could have hoped for. They will ultimately avoid Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo if they are to make it all the way to the Finals and they look motivated to do just that. The Nuggets represent a unique challenge but this 2020 West Finals is the Lakers to lose.

Lakers in 6

Ultimately, I think the combination of Lebron and Anthony Davis is too much for the Nuggets to overcome. I think Jokić will tire from banging bodies with Howard and McGee. The Nuggets will fail to come up with an answer for LeBrow and I think the Lakers guards will do enough to slow Murray down. The Nuggets will be tougher than anyone else the Lakers have faced yet but it still won’t be enough. I pick the Lakers in 6 to win the 2020 West Finals and earn their chance to fight for the NBA Championship.



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  1. Never been a believer in Murray, but obviously I was wrong. I am rooting for a regression from that 49% from 3 in this series which should make things easier enough for the real LA nba team.

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