2020 East Finals Preview

What we can expect from the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics in their 2020 Eastern Conference Finals battle.

Series Prediction

Miami is hot right now and just knocked off the Greek Freak in 5 games. Their shooters have the ability to go supernova and they have a deep and talented veteran bench. When you go down Miami’s roster, you can’t help but praise the job Pat Riley has done in assembling them and the phenomenal job Spoelstra has done coaching them. All season, the media has doubted their ability but now they have a chance to prove everyone wrong and win the 2020 East Finals.

The Celtics just played one of the best teams in the league in the Toronto Raptors. At times, Boston looked dominant despite almost blowing the series. I think that the learning experience of beating a champion and experiencing a tough, hard-fought playoff series will pay dividends in the coming rounds. All season the Celtics have looked like a team that could compete for a championship. They can prove it with a commanding series win in these 2020 East Finals.

Celtics in 6

Ultimately, I think the Celtics’ talent will prevail. Kemba will have a bounce-back series and shred the Miami guards. Brown and Tatum will continue their rise as one of the best young duos in the NBA and Smart will make winning plays. If Hayward comes back in decent enough shape to make an impact; that’s yet another weapon to deploy against Miami. The Celtics defense has also been finely tuned against Toronto enough to where they won’t be surprised at what Miami does. I say Celtics in 6 to win the 2020 East Finals.

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3 responses to “2020 East Finals Preview”

  1. Blackbeird Avatar

    The tics are playing good ball, but I think the lack of a productive heyward will further tip the scales to red hot Miami!

  2. Big Bird Avatar
    Big Bird

    Initial reaction says Celtics in 5/6 games but the Heat are HOT! They’ve taken advantage of this ‘no home court advantage’ situation more than any other team! And the gut said Pacers over Heat…. and Bucks over Heat… so it’s hard to discount the Heat! Still…sticking with the Celtics in 5/6 games.

  3. burt jolly Avatar
    burt jolly

    good info. not a Boston fan but like them to win the series.

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