Mamba Week 2020: “Be Legendary”

January 3, 2020

“Chaos” Kobe V’s

Four years later and Kobe retired. My hate had turned into a grudging respect.  It’s 6:55 am and I’m up waiting for the Kobe V “Chaos” to re-release for the first time since 2010. The clock ticks by and 7am hits.  I put my shoe size in the SNKRS app and the message I was dying to see comes up: “Got ‘Em.” When the sneakers finally arrived at my house, I can’t contain myself.  Ever since I saw those “Big Stage” V’s in the 2010 Finals, I craved a pair of V’s. I take them out of the box and it’s like I’m holding a piece of art. It’s got a lime green swoosh, blood splattered midsole and a deep, dark purple on the toe box that seems to change colors in the light. 

Aptly named “Chaos” (after Heath Ledger’s famous line from The Dark Knight), the sneaker represented a high point in my collecting life. More of these V’s will be released during Mamba week 2020. However, I didn’t realize how much these kicks would end up meaning to me.



5 thoughts on “Mamba Week 2020: “Be Legendary”

  1. Great read , very honest , nice way of mixing , events , vibe of LA , and shoe trend …. also showing respect , from a Celtic fan

  2. Well written. Became a Kobe fan after his retirement (hated him growing up cause he alway beat my team) due to his work ethic, mentality and the way he approached the game. His highlights are unbelievable. Still shocked he’s no longer with us.

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