Mamba Week 2020: “Be Legendary”

January 9, 2016

Fast forward a couple years…  I’m playing basketball in recreational leagues across Southern California. My sneaker obsession is at an all-time high however my Kobe collection hasn’t quite hit yet.  I’ve got his Huarache 2k5’s from my high school days.  I’ve got the Adidas Kobe 2’s that my friend bought at a garage sale too. Unfortunately, I didn’t own a signature Kobe shoe yet.

January of that year, the Kobe XI was released. It was the last signature sneaker that Kobe would wear in the NBA. As a result, it became my go-to hoopin’ sneaker. It had an all Flyknit upper with Nike Zoom in the heel.  Immediately, it was one of the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn. Even though I still didn’t like Kobe, I was willing to concede he made good kicks.  Obviously, it also helped that his Lakers weren’t at the neck of my Celtics anymore. 

Nike Huarache 2K5 (top left), Adidas Kobe 2 (top right), Kobe XI (bottom)



5 thoughts on “Mamba Week 2020: “Be Legendary”

  1. Great read , very honest , nice way of mixing , events , vibe of LA , and shoe trend …. also showing respect , from a Celtic fan

  2. Well written. Became a Kobe fan after his retirement (hated him growing up cause he alway beat my team) due to his work ethic, mentality and the way he approached the game. His highlights are unbelievable. Still shocked he’s no longer with us.

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