NBA All-Mormon Team

Under 0.245% of all NBA players self identify as members of the Mormon church. Given this small sample, can you put together a reasonable LDS starting five?


Shawn Bradley

Bradley is possibly less famous for his playing than he is his accolades. He is the fourth tallest player in NBA history, standing a staggering 7 ft 6 in, and lent his abilities to the Nerdluck Blanko in the film Space Jam.  His career was successful as a rim protector, finishing seventeenth in career blocks and first in block percentage.

Bradley attended BYU, where he earned the nickname ‘The Stormin’ Mormon.’ He took two years away from basketball in 1991 to serve his mission in Australia, despite multiple NBA offers. “The temptation was certainly there… But in the end I realized the mission was what was… better for me in the end.” In an interview for ESPN, Bradley told the story of being fined by an undisclosed team for skipping a mandatory team meeting at a strip club. He recalled telling his teammates “You understand I will not go there… it’s outside my value system that I’m just not willing to do.”


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