NBA All-Mormon Team

Under 0.245% of all NBA players self identify as members of the Mormon church. Given this small sample, can you put together a reasonable LDS starting five?

Small Forward

Thurl Bailey

Bailey is a hidden gem when it comes to NBA icons. He is not a Hall of Famer, nor is his number retired by any team. That said, Bailey may have invented the idea of a starting-caliber bench player. He started just one in every four games over his career yet finished fifth in career points for the Utah Jazz. Thurl Bailey formed the prototype for players like Jamal Crawford and Lou Williams.

Unlike the rest of this lineup, Bailey was not born into the LDS Church. He was raised a Baptist and wasn’t introduced to the Latter-day Saints until he met his wife Sindi Southwick. It wasn’t until 1995, after his first stint in the NBA, that Bailey converted.

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