Top Five Teams To Use In 2k

Matchups are the biggest part to 2k and if anyone ever told you otherwise they are lying. Using the right team to boost your reputation is key. Whether you choose three randoms, set rules, or just pick straight up teams here are the top five teams to use in 2k.

1. Milwaukee Bucks

Funny how this all tied together. The best team in the East and arguably the NBA is the best team to play with in 2k no cap.

Some can argue without Giannis this team looks like a G-League team and I’ve even fallen victim to that, but the supporting cast around him is too good not to pass up on. Giannis carries the load no doubt about it, but these experienced vets can make other teams throw in the towel.

Anytime you have Wesley Matthews, George Hill, Robin Lopez, Divencenzo, Marvin Williams, Ersan Illyasova, Kyle Korver, and Pat Cannaughton, how can you not say that this team is deep.

On. Another note, Giannis is a flat out problem. You don’t even have to try with him and he will get you an easy 24 and 16 with 4 blocks. Even when you get screamed at for overusing you by your friends it’s not your fault. See smart 2k players will pick up on that and start throwing different coverages at Giannis and soon the game will be out of reach.

But here is where you will win every game.

Khris Middleton is a low key sniper from any spot on the floor and doesn’t need much room to get a shot off and the ending result will end up being a green light. A perfect spot up threat, an above average catch n shoot off the dribble, and attacks the rim when he needs to. The guy wasn’t an all star for nothing and it certainly was no fluke. 

Coach Bud and management did a fabulous job surrounding this team with shooters. Everyone on the roster outside of Robin Lopez can consistently hit a three down the stretch. 

More on the Bucks

To continue more, this one of the most reserved and put together teams in the league. The ball movement is crisp like the Spurs (Funny because Budenholzer is a product of Poppovich). When I play with this team, I swear I see all five guys on the floor move in sync with one another and legend has it if you turn the volume up and get rid of the announcers you will hear everyone talk on defense. 

If you don’t blow out everyone by at least 22 points you are doing something wrong unless it’s the Lakers, Clippers, Rockets, and evening the Nets with Durant in the lineup make things challenging. 

Throughout this list I’m a huge believer in bench production because in 2k it’s all about runs. When your starting unit goes to the bench for those quick 2 minutes who can score the basketball for you and maintain the lead or cut the deficit? Some gamers only rely on their starters and it shows. Biggest tip is to let the subs go automatic and just make adjustments from there because if you leave it on manual it might be a closer game and you forget to sub. It happens to the best of us! 

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