Top Five Teams To Use In 2k

3. Indiana Pacers

One of the most well rounded teams in the game and extremely disciplined on defense. Defensively their success rate is at an all time high because 1-5 have excellent timing and awareness. 

Their front court is highly underrated as if you dump the ball down low it won’t go down well because of Myles Turner and Sabonis. Although it’s tough to shoot with Sabonis, he gets involved on the glass. Turner is a different animal at 6’11, 250lb. A big that can spray from deep, and attack the rim. He’s another KG type guy to put into perspective. 

The key to being successful with the Pacers is simple; learn to utilize Victor Oladipo and move the ball around. Having Vic on the court makes this team scary and provides a consistent mismatch for the opposing teams. Don’t be afraid to shoot with this team, because their roster is deep and full of three point threats. Offensively, it’s important to get in a groove early because it can easily go south when using a tier 2 team like Indiana. Most people I know can’t score outside of Oladipo and it shows. Others struggle to utilize Sabonis (who is a weird player in 2k), and Turner who confuses most people. 



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