Top Five Teams To Use In 2k

4. Memphis Grizzlies

 Having Ja Morant in this lineup makes this team interesting. His quickness and passing IQ is well above average for a rookie and with pieces like Jaren Jackson Jr and Jonas Valanciunas it’s hard not to succeed with this team in 2k.

They have great rebounding, average defense, and multiple scoring options in Dillion Brooks, and Justice Winslow coming off the bench. On the contrary did you know that nine guys on the roster have an 80+ three ball. 

The floor spacing is the key to using this team because if everyone on the floor is a threat, then it’s an easy drive and kicks every time. A little tip if you want to get into a nice flow early is hit the gaps with Ja, make the defense collapse and kick out. One of the most basic offenses in the game, but it works.



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