MLB is Back!

Major League Baseball teams are finally back! Clubs can officially start training today since being shut down since the Coronavirus pandemic shut down Spring Training in March (which feels like years ago). The shortened MLB season is going to be around 60 games, so it will be a race to the finish line as teams attempt to get ready to play.

Usually, around this time, teams would be preparing to get ready for the All-Star Break. Now, teams are trying to get mentally ready for Spring Summer Training (Spring Training just sounds better.) There will be no fans, which will be weird to see … unless you’re the Miami Marlins.

Here are some of the biggest storylines coming into the 2020 season:

  • Can Pete Alonso hit 50 homers in 60 games?
  • How Many Astros will be hit by pitches?
  • Can the Dodgers win the WS? Or will they leave their fans disappointed for the 28th straight season?
  • Can the Yankees get back to the WS?
  • Will Bryce Harper be Bryce Harper?
  • Will Mike Trout play in the postseason?
  • Can Shohei Ohtani do it again in 2020?
  • What will happen with Clayton Kershaw?

The season is scheduled to start on July 23rd and 24th.



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