Super Bowl LIV Picks & Prop Bets

It’s been a rough few days for sports fans across the globe. After crying, grieving, and wondering why things happen the way they do, I decided to focus on something positive. THE SUPER BOWL. I feel like we all need the distraction. So, that being said, I hope you enjoy!

The Super Bowl is almost here! On Sunday, February 2nd, 2020, the two best teams in the NFL will meet in Super Bowl LIV aka Super Bowl 54. (QUICK TANGENT: Why do they still use roman numerals? I have no idea what means what anymore. Maybe I’m just getting dumber). The Kansas City Chiefs will represent the AFC for the first time in 50 years, while the NFC will be represented by the San Francisco 49ers, their first Super Bowl appearance since 2013 game. This match-up feels right. The 49ers have been awesome all season long, resulting in a 13-3 record. They feature a devastating defense and running game, a QB who doesn’t make a ton of mistakes, and a head coach who has football in his blood and is one of the most creative young minds in the game. The Chiefs were in the AFC Championship last year and were one mistake from Dee Ford (who’s now on the 49ers) away from going to the Super Bowl, and if you asked anyone before the season started, the Chiefs would have been one of the early-season favorites.

How they got there


Season Record: 13-3

Playoff Games

NFC Div: 49ers 27, Vikings 10
NFC Champ: 49ers 37, Packers 20

Biggest moment of the season

49ers defeat Seahawks in Week 17 for #1 seed and home field throughout the NFC playoffs.


Season Record: 12-4

Playoff Games

AFC Div: Chiefs 51, Texans 31
AFC Champ: Chiefs 35, Titans 24

Biggest Moment of the season

Chiefs defeat Patriots, in New England in Week 14 to eventually secure the #2 seed.

Brandon’s Predictions

I’ve liked the 49ers since I can remember. My parents didn’t really watch the NFL, so I was left to find a team on my own. I saw Steve Young and Jerry Rice and I was SOLD. CHECK PLEASE! That love for the team and blossomed into what it is today and I am READY for the Super Bowl! I am a NFL degenerate, so I figure I might as well make some predictions going into the final game of the 2019 season.

Gambling Spread

According to Bovada as of 1/30/20

San Francisco 49ers+1.5 (-115)O54.5 (-110)
Kansas City Chiefs-1.5 (-105)U54.5 (-110)

Brandon’s Pick: 49ers +1.5

Prop Bets

National Anthem Length

Singer: Demi Lovato

Over 2 Minutes, 4 Seconds (-130)Under 2 Mintues, 4 Seconds (EVEN)

Brandon’s Pick: Over!

I just have a gut feeling that Demi will hit the over. It’s the first Super Bowl of the decade and I imagine she wants to leave a lasting impression.

Coin Toss

Heads (-105)Tails (-105)

Brandon’s Pick: Heads

It’s ALWAYS heads …. right??

Passing Yards for Patrick Mahomes

Over 305.5 (-145)Under 305.5 (+110)

Brandon’s Pick: Under

If the Niners are going to win this game, which I said they would, they need Mahomes to stay under 300 yards.

Will Jimmy G Throw An Interception?

Yes (-180)No (+135)

Brandon’s Pick: YES

I love Jimmy G, but my dude makes at least one dumb-ass throw a game. I expect one here as well.

Who Will Have More Receptions?

Travis Kelce (-120)George Kittle (-110)

Brandon’s Pick: Kelce

Though I think Kittle is a better player, the Niners spread the ball around more and run the ball A LOT more. Kittle is used in blocking so I think Kelce gets more receptions.

Which Coach Will Be Mentioned First on TV After Kickoff?

Andy Reid (-140)Kyle Shanahan (EVEN)

Brandon’s Pick: Shanahan

This is Shanahan’s first Super Bowl as a head coach, so I expect him to get shown the love he deserves.

Will The Opening Kickoff be a Touchback?

Yes (-170)No (+130)

Brandon’s Pick: Yes

Since they kick from the 30 now, most kickoffs are touchbacks.

What Will the First Offensive Play of the Game Be?

Pass Play (+110)Run Play (-145)

Brandon’s Pick: Pass

Both coaches are clever and have something up their sleeve. I believe no matter who has the ball first, it will be a passing play. Maybe even a screen (which still counts!!).

If you want to bet on the game with me … use my link to join Bovada!

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoy the game!

-Brandon (@rosenthalsports)




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