Meet The Team

On July 15th, I made a decision to launch NoLimitJumper. The inspiration came behind love for the game of basketball, and educating and helping others on the hardships that come with the sport. 

The ongoing message of being aware of that Plan B once sports is no longer an option is something I’ve been wanting to translate into words. 

Growing up, basketball was a huge part of my life as I grew into a man whether it was playing, coaching, writing, or talking about it. Nothing made me happier than being able to play every day. I was attached to the court, and you couldn’t tear me away from it.

As I got older, I started to realize that I never wanted to leave the sport. When my window as a player grew thin, that’s when I found writing. I knew I needed to be as close to basketball as humanly possible.

Now that NLJ has been up for six months, I gained a talented team. The time and dedication that they’ve put into this website is more than I expected. 

Here’s the Team: 

Aiden Hawkins (Editor/Writer):

I’m a 17 year old who lives in a small town in Florida. I joined NLJ because I wanted more opportunities to show off my sports journalism skills. What it turned into is something I can’t really comprehend, and I’m happy I found NLJ. As of now, I cover the NBA but hopefully NFL soon. Some interesting facts about me is that I play 17U AAU Basketball, I am a dual enrollment student at my local state college, and that I will be attending the Dan Patrick School of Broadcasting next fall.

Notable Articles:

The Hypocrisy of the NCAA

What’s Wrong with Team U.S.A. Basketball

Why Carmelo Anthony Should Consider Playing in the Big 3

Kevin Barnett (Writer):

 I’m Kevin Barnett. I am 14 years old and a freshman in high school. I am one of the NBA writers here at No Limit Jumper. I joined NLJ because I love basketball, and I love talking about basketball. Talking about sports has always been an interest of mine, and No Limit Jumper has helped me do that in a more professional setting. 

Notable Pieces:

How Mid-Major Players Make it Big in the NBA

Why a Team Returning to the Finals is Unlikely

Is Damian Lillard Overrated?

Luka Doncic is really good

Coulton Korosec (Writer):

I’m Coulton Korosec from Cincinnati, Ohio. I just turned 20 and I joined NoLimitJumper because of my passion for the game. I cover the NBA, as the only thing I’ve spent more time than playing basketball is watching it. My favorite two articles so far is my article on the possible next Finals MVP that’s a guard and the article covering the young Cavs backcourt. I’m a die-hard Cavs fan, obsessed with perfecting my own game, and am currently studying engineering at the University of Cincinnati (another basketball program which I live and die by). I look forward to publishing more quality articles and educating people on the greatest league in the world.

Notable Articles:

Devonte Graham is here to stay 

Brandon Ingram is poised for a huge payday 

How Good is Dallas 

Zak Cunningham (Writer)

I knew that NLJ was growing, and I wanted to be apart of that. When I was searching for a place to start my writing career I was looking for a place where I could grow as a writer, without many restrictions, and NLJ gave me that opportunity.

Notable Articles:

Sleep Deprivation

NBA Rookie Report Cards

A Christmas Wish list from an NBA fan 

I enjoyed JMan’s 2K content, even though I don’t play 2K as much, I could live vicariously through him. We started chatting about writing and I could tell he had the drive, but just needed a little nudge. Since he has created NLJ, I have been happy to be a part of something that I feel is very cool. There is a lot of content out there, but I really like the conversations we have. I’ve always wanted to write about basketball, and NLJ gives me that platform and allows me to meet more people outside of Los Angeles. 

Brandon Rosenthal (Head Editor):

What I like to Write About: I really enjoy ranking teams and players, and writing recaps about my favorite team .. the Lakers. But really, I can write about anything because I love the game of basketball.

Sports I can cover: NBA, NFL (golf too)

Notable Articles:

The inspirational Shaun Livingston 

Top 5 Players of the 90s

NBA Free Agency preview

Antonio Nesbitt (Director of Operations & Strategic Partnerships):

I joined NLJ because I believe that sports can be a great connector within society. The life lessons that can be learned from athletes and coaches on and off the court are endless.

I cover “bigger than basketball” concepts

When I look back and reiterate my mission statement; my team is the perfect definition of what NLJ is all about. As 2020 is getting underway, the website, the podcast, and the brand have a big things coming for everyone. If you’ve been with us since day one or have just started following and supporting thank you. If you haven’t heard of us you will! 


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