How to avoid “struggling” if you’ve taken a break from 2k

I had the chance to get back into some 2k over the weekend and as TeeEnDee stated in the podcast it’s like “riding a bike”. If you’ve played 2k as long as I have, then taking a two month break shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately some gamers run into a problem where they just can’t keep up to speed with the game. 

Five minutes into my first game in the Rec and the game is the same as when I left it. You have your 7”0 and 6”11 centers, followed by your cheesy defenders, and an abundance of three leve scorers. 

It didn’t take long before I was getting into a rhythm and fitting right into the system. Here’s a few tips to consider if you’ve taken a break from 2k. 

Play the MyCareer

no matter how many times you want to avoid this mode it always helps. Get into a few games, create your hotspots, and get a feel for how your build runs again. Shaking off the rust is huge part and if you don’t go into career before a pro am or Rex game you will suffer. It happens all the time.

Drills Drills Drills

For any build it is important to get into drills pertaining to your play style. The most popular is the shooting drills and no matter the build get a solid feel for how your release, and timing is at. Believe it or not, you will release your shot differently now than you would two months ago. Getting that muscle memory is a key factor in being successful after a drought.

Run with Five

This Is where I had no problem fitting back into the fold. If you have a pro am team or a solid five guys you run with link back up with them. Like you they know your play style and can fit you back into the system.

It usually takes a game for the chemistry to get back to normal, but there’s nothing like going into a game blind and totally regretting later. That’s the stuff that will make you take another two month break and I don’t want to see that out of any of you.

Lastly, be yourself out on the court. Remember like my

Man TeeEnDee it’s like learning how to ride a bike. Just take one peddle or in this case button at a time. 

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