A Christmas Wish List from an NBA Fan

This past summer, the NBA had possibly the most eventful off-season of all time. Superstars on new squads, a plethora of fresh young talent, the list goes on and on. That summer built up tremendous hype around how the 2019-20 NBA season would play out. So far, it has been all that we had hoped for and more. New teams have arisen from the bottom barrel to playoff contention, a 2nd year player is in the MVP conversation, and the league is finally equal again. During such an amazing start, it leaves NBA fans like myself dreaming of all the different possibilities and outcomes that could come to fruition. Since Christmas is right around the corner, it only seems right to make my wish list for this NBA season.

1. Lebron or Luka for MVP

Although Giannis is an amazing player, a generational talent in my eyes, the battle between Luka Doncic and Lebron James for the Most Valuable Player award would be a sight to see. If Lebron were to win the MVP award this season, he would be the oldest player in NBA history to win the award at 35 years and 177 days old (assuming that the award is announced on June 24th per usual). As of 11/12/19, the King is averaging 26ppg 7rpg and 11apg on an efficient 56% from the field, all while leading the Lakers to the best record in the league at 21-3. Another MVP for King James would not only add to his hall of fame career, but would silence all the haters who called him the infamous nickname, “the washed king” coming into this season.

Sophomore sensation Luka Doncic is also an MVP caliber player at the ripe age of 20. If Doncic were to win the award, he would be the youngest player to win achieve this status at 21 years and 117 days old (once again assuming the award will be announced on June 24th). Luka Doncic aka Wonder Boy is averaging 30ppg 10rpg and 9apg on 47% shooting from the field while leading his Mavericks to the 3rd seed in the West, only two games behind the Clippers. When Doncic was drafted, everyone knew that he would come into the league and be an instant contributor due to his past as a professional player in the EuroLeague, but I don’t think anyone would’ve thought he would making this big of an impact in only his second year. If either one of these superstar talents won the Most Valuable Player award, it would be one for the record books.

2. Lakers Vs. Celtics in the NBA finals

One of the most if not the most heated rivalries in basketball, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angles Lakers. Dating all the way back to when Jerry West and Elgin Baylor would take on Bill Russell and company, all the way through the showtime Lakers era, and through the late 00’s era with Paul Pierce, KG, Ray Allen, and Rondo. It doesn’t matter what decade, what era, or what squad, the Lakers and the Celtics still somehow could face off against each other for the Larry O’Brien trophy in June. As an NBA fanatic, I’d love to see the Celtics and Lakers meet again in June to revive their once heated rivalry. Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, and the Celtics facing off against King James and the Brow, it has a ring to it, don’t you think? With the way both teams have been playing so far this season, I believe that this matchup can go down in history as another legendary battle of the two greatest franchises to ever grace a basketball court.

3. James Dolan Sells the Knicks

New York City is the mecca of basketball, it has one of the most popular arenas in the United States, it contains the most popular streetball court in the entire world (Rucker Park), and it is home to some of the greatest players to ever play the game. The Knicks despite being known as a dumpster fire for the past decade, is still one of the largest markets in the league, and has somehow remained relevant in the eyes of the media. The point is, basketball is better when the Knicks are good, simple as that. Although the Knicks have a long way to go before they can be fixed, getting rid of the man at the top can be a great start to rebuilding a franchise. With young talents like R.J Barrett, Kevin Knox, and Mitchell Robinson, and solid vets like Julius Randle and Marcus Morris Sr., the Knicks have a decent roster to start a rebuild with. Some new faces in management along with a new owner is all it should take for the Knicks to begin the rebuild. I’m not saying that it would result in a successful rebuild and the Knicks are confirmed a championship and all that, no, but I do think it gives them a great opportunity to begin the rise back to relevancy and hopefully to at least get 35-40 wins. Adam Silver, James Dolan, Santa Claus, or anyone that is listening, please help the Knicks become good again, that is my final wish.




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