Devonte Graham Is Here To Stay

Devonte’ Graham is lighting up ‘Buzz City’, and it’s going to stay that way. Wake up, no more sleep. If you have been watching him, you’d know he’s special. It was only a matter of time until he started to play like this. Graham plays with more heart than your favorite player, every time he steps on the court. His effort alone has lifted his team, and single-handedly into the playoff mix. Former franchise Player Kemba Walker left, and veteran point guard Tony Parker retired, therefor a void of shots and play making opportunists became. Many overlooked the heist Charlotte pulled off with the 34th pick of the 2018 NBA Draft. Many thought Terry Rozier would be filling those shoes, but clearly that is not the case.

It’s the hometown kid from Raleigh who’s filling them. First coming off the bench, he established himself next to “Sweet Lou” Williams in the ranks of effective players off the pine. He is leading all reserves in three-point percentage, while being in the top three in points. He and “Scary Terry” now have the most combined three-pointers by any back court so far.

Graham was a in fact a polished product coming out of college. If you know basketball, you know he was a nothing short of a star at the prolific Kansas University. His long list of accolades reflect this.

Graham will excel as a starting combo guard. He shared the court with another point guard and Big 12 player of the year, Frank Mason III. He was first team all Big 12 Defense his second year. As a senior, his assists nearly doubled from four to seven while averaging seventeen points on 38 minutes per game. This extra year assured his game as a court general was complete, he was league ready.

Graham will continue to torch whoever has the misfortune of guarding him. He put a show on Frank Ntilikina in Madison Square Garden. RJ Barret simply could not guard him. Both, especially Ntilikina, are good defenders. This is what he figures to do to any given back court on any given night. His shot making and control over the game makes him undeniable. One guy is not enough to stop him. Adding onto his scoring ability, his court vision is second to none. He takes advantage of this by extending his range, and heavily involving his teammates. His assist total is only outdone by LeBron James and Luka Doncic. James Harden is the only player with more made three’s, but he’s doing it on 100 more attempts…

I meant this when I said it, and dammit, I’m doubling then tripling down. If I were starting a franchise, I would take Devonte’ Graham over Ben Simmons at point guard. Please @ me, here’s the statement via Instagram: “Peep PGs from Ben’s “rookie class” that I would put my team in the hands of rather than ROTY front runner and coward”. This was Ben Simmons slander, click the link and you should get the joke. However, Devonte’ Graham is no joke. His name should never, in the past/ present/ or future, be slandered. His arrival should not be taken lightly. The league has been put on notice. Look at the stats, then watch the games. Devonte’ Graham will always be that dude.

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