Ask KB 2: More of Your Questions Answered

Why do you hate Mav’s city jersey? – @andrew_b22:

Kristpas Prozingis shows in New Jersey

My brother and I clearly have conflicting arguments on the new Dallas Mavericks jersey. He loves it and wants one, and I absolutely hate it. Like what is that supposed to be, it’s embarrassing that men playing basketball at the highest level in the world are wearing trash like that. The one from last year was trash too, and I like the colorway that they have, but throwing in the gradient and the green was a terrible decision. The font that says “MAVS” looks like it belongs on a wall in an alleyway, and certainly not on an NBA uniform. I feel bad for Mavericks players and fans, and lack the understanding people have that actually think this jersey looks good. Maybe I’ll assume the role of NLJ fashion guru in the future, but for now all I can say is that Dallas messed up.

Will Portland turn it around, if not do you see Lillard/McCollum staying? – @bradyperlz

It’s really hard to tell with Portland, because last year they were really good and this year they have started off 5-12, which is second worst in the west. This isn’t good by any means, and is not what the Trailblazers were expecting. Melo probably isn’t the answer, but you never know. He could be what turns them back into playoff contention. With all of the loaded rosters in the league, the Blazers can’t compete on paper, and if this season plays out anything like it started, a trade could be in order for Damian Lillard or CJ McCollum. I have a hard time believing Dame will ever be traded, but I’m sure CJ is intriguing for a lot of teams. He’s much more affordable, and could be the one piece a teem needs to make them a contender. If the Trailblazers keep going down hill, it could get blown up in Portland. 

Will Lamelo Ball be the number 1 pick? – @benwertheim17

It’s hard to tell at this point especially because Lamelo is overseas and all other top pick candidates are in college. I haven’t watched a lot of college yet this year, and I’ve only looked briefly at the top prospects so I don’t know for sure how Ball would stack up with the rest of the talent. However, if I have the first pick, I’m taking James Wiseman, eligible or not. He seems like he’s the best player that’s going to be coming in to the NBA. There’s a lot of good players at the top of the class, such as fun to watch guard Cole Anthony, and of course Lamelo is in the top tier of prospects. Anthony Edwards is a player I like a lot, I think he has a chance to be really good, and for now should stay in consideration as a top pick. Deni Avdija rounds out my top 5 early on in the year, a pretty big forward who is skilled with the ball in his hands and can shoot is pretty dangerous. Could we see Lamelo get taken #1? We absolutely could, but he’s not my choice for the first pick right now. 

Are the Celtics a finals caliber team? – @11eif

The majority of my followers are Celtics fans, so this answer will either make everyone happy, or piss them all off. I think the Celtics could win the east. Will they, I don’t know. I would still be worried about Philly and Milwaukee because they’re both really good teams. Giannis is Giannis, and the Bucks are still very good like last year. I won’t be surprised if they’re the team to come out of the east. The 76ers have started 11-6, which is not ideal for the expectations we had for them. I still think that if they can put it together they can be really good, especially defensively. They were my pick for the east champion before the season started. It could happen where we get the Sixers in the finals, it’s way too early to count out a team that good. That brings me to Boston. The Celtics got off to a very hot start and it was very promising to the fans, who were excited by the 10 game win streak early in the year. When fully healthy, I think the C’s are right up there with the best in the east, and after the start that they have had, a run at the finals is not out of reach. 




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