The Hawks Week 9 NFL Picks

Welcome back to NLJ’s weekly NFL Picks. After a week break due to personal reasons, I am back and better than ever. Though Week 7 was a little rocky, going 6-7 against the spread, I still am positive for the season. I am looking to have another big week, so lets get right into this weeks “Easy Money Picks”

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Week 9 Best Bets

Chicago Bears (+5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (-5)

After swearing to myself that I would never pick Mitchell Tribusky every again, I pick Mitch again…

The Bears defense is too damn good not to look at as a sure fire pick. The Eagles are not drastically better than the Bears, so the Bear being a 5 point underdog is ridiculous. The Eagles have won games by running the ball and setting up play action, and they simply will not be able to have a solid run game with Khalil Mack and Leonard Floyd on the edges.

Wentz is going to be under constant durress and will have no time to throw the football. Though Phili’s offensive line has been regarded as one of the best in the league, Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks have been getting beat in the pass game repeatedly.

Even though Tribusky is going to be under center this weekend, the Bears receivers are going to have a field day against the weak Eagles secondary. The game isn’t going to be a blow out simply because the Bears have a white Marcus Mariota

Final Score Prediction
Bears 24, Eagles 17

Tennessee Titans (+3 ½ ) @ Carolina Panthers (-3 ½)

Though the Panthers took a though loss last week, don’t think this team isn’t good. The Panthers defense is still top 10 in the NFL in damn near every category. Their front 7 is going to have an absolute field day against Ryan Tanehill and a below average offensive line. Plus, the Titans run game has looked bleak.

Essentially, Christian Mccaffree is going to have a field day against an average Titans defense, while Luke Keckley eats the Titans offense alive.

Final Score Prediction:
Titans 14, Panthers 28

N/A Chargers (+4) @ Green Bay Packers (-4)

What have the Chargers done this year to not make this a 10 point line? Like seriously, half of their starting defense is injured, Philip Rivers is a non-mobile Baker Mayfield, Melvin Gordon is frustrated, and the Packers look like one of the best teams in football.

I get that Aaron Rodgers is missing Davonte Adams again, but he just had the best game of his career missing his two main targets. The Packers defense is also top 10 in every statistcial catergory. This team is the real deal, and the fact that his is a single digit line is beyond me. Packers demolish the west coast Dolphins.

Final Score Prediction:
Chargers 10, Packers 35

Those are my “Easy Money” picks of the week. Now, lets get onto the rest of the slate.

Remaining Week 9 Picks

Houston Texans (-2 ½) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+2 ½)

It’s another London game….but it’s actually watchable.

London is basically a home game for Jacksonville. They have the best record of any NFL team in London. Plus, this is a must win for the Jags to stay in the playoff hunt. With Leonard Fornette finally playing like a top 10 pick, and DJ Chark emerging as one of the leagues best receivers, this Jags offense is going to have a field day.

The Texans did add Georon Conley prior to the NFL Trading deadline, but he has been one of the worst man to man corners in the league since his arrival. One sub-par DB can not change a struggling secondary.

Jags win a close one in London.

Final Score Prediction:
Texans 24, Jaguars 27

Washington Redskins (+9 ½ ) @ Buffalo Bills (-9 ½)

The Bills are a playoff team, the Deadskins are not. Dwanye (should have stayed another year in college) Haskins is also making his first career start this weekend. This Buffalo defense made Tom Brady look his age, so you can only imagine what they’re going to do to Haskins.

Bills win in blowout fashion

Final Score Prediction:
Redskins 10, Bills 28

New York Jets (-3 ½) @ Miami Dolphins (+3 ½)

The Jets actually have decent players. The Dolphins are essentially a NFL Practice squad. Theres not much to say. The Phins are the worst team in NFL history, and yes, the Jets are bad….but not the Dolphins bad.

Final Score Prediction:
Jets 35, Dolphins 14

Indianapolis Colts (-2) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (+2)

I feel like of these games I’m going to say the same thing. The Stealers are not good. Period. Mason Rudolph has been playing like he’s still concussed, and the Stealers run game has been non existent. Essentially, the Stealers offense is going to have no options.

Though TY Hilton is out for the Colts, Marlon Mack is back healthy and Paris Cambell and Zak Pascal have proven to be formidable receivers. The Colts are also leading one of the toughest divisions in football. They’re a damn good team, and the Stealers have no shot to upset this rolling Colts team.

Final Score Prediction:
Colts 28, Steelers 14

Detroit Lions (+2) @ Oakland Raiders (-2)

After a “Hot” start by the Lions, their season has really fallen apart. After reports of Detroit Shopping around DB Darius Slay prior to the trade deadline, the team seems to be on edge. The Direction of the Lions is very confusing. Coach Matt Patricia wants to win now to protect his job, where as the front office wants a full roster overhaul. These emotions will likely pour over into this game and negatively affect the Lions. Also, starting RB Keryon Johnson is out for this game, and likely for the season.

Oakland on the other-hand needs this win to stay on the playoff hunt. They just pushed a good Texans team to the edge. I think Oakland Wins by a hair.

Final Score Prediction:
Lions 24, Raiders 28

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+5 ½) @ Seattle Seahawks (-5 ½)

Seattle is the 2nd best team in the NFC. They just added a new weapon in their offense in Josh Gordon, and Russell Wilson has been playing at an MVP level. Their front 7 is arguably the best in football, having Bobby Wagner, Jadaveon Clowney, and KJ Wright. Shaqium Griffin has also stepped up in the secondary. They are coming off of a tough loss against Baltimore, but if you know DangeRuss Wilson, he does not lose back to back games at home.

The Bucs are still the Bucs. That 5 TD pass game was an outlier, the guy is a bonefied scrub. They have good weapons who will likely cause the Seahawks secondary problems, but in order for the Bucs to win, Jamies has to play good. I don’t think he can.

Final Score Prediction:
Buccaneers 17, Seahawks 28

Cleveland Browns (-4) @ Denver Broncos (+4)

Despite the Browns being the Browns, the Denver Broncos are not the same Denver team that was extremely competitive early on. Joe Flacco is out for the rest of the year, same with Bradley Chubb. They also traded away their only legitimate weapon on offense, Emanuel Sanders. The Broncos run offense has also been shaky, and going against that loaded Cleveland front 7, I doubt it gets back on track.

I can’t speak much on the Browns offense, but if they can get Nick Chubb going, this game will be over fast.

Final Score Predictions:
Browns 28, Broncos 14

New England Patriots (-3 ½) @ Baltimore Ravens (+3 ½)

Many analysts believe that this game is going to be close due to Lamar Jacksons athleticism, I am not one of those people. This Patriots defense is one of the best we have seen this decade. They’re ability to adjust to specific teams is what makes them elite. They will likely give Lamar looks that he has never seen before. He will be pressured, flustered, and will not know where to go with the ball.

Don’t get me wrong, the Ravens will get theirs on offense, but if New England can force Lamar to beat them with his arm, New England wins. Also, Tom Brady has had a full week to weave Muhammad Sanu into the Pats offensive scheme. Though he was quite last week, expect to see him get open.

Lamar’s inexperience costs the Ravens this game

Final Score Prediction:
Patriots 31, Ravens 24

Dallas Cowboys (-7 ½) @ New York Giants (+7 ½)

The Giants actually made one of the only great moves this trade deadline, acquiring Leonard Williams from the Jets. The Cowboys are going to try to hammer the run game like always, and Williams will be able to contain the middle of the D-Line. Dak Prescott has been average like always, so don’t expect him to come out and dominate like he did earlier in the year. The Cowboys offensive line are still dealing with injuries, so his time to throw will be limited.

Saquan Barkely is also back to being 100%. With Tate, Jones, and Barkley being 10%, expect this Giants offense to click. I do expect Daniel Jones to make some rookie mistakes, and continue with his turn over issues.

Final Score Prediction:
Cowboys 24, Giants 20

2019 Record Against Spread: 16-10



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